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In month two of TRINITY, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman — alongside their Justice League teammates — cross paths with the mysterious Konvikt and learn more about their fated connection within the DC Universe! This month’s co-features focus on Hawkman, Gangbuster, John Stewart and the intriguing new psychic known as Tarot!


Truth, Justice & The American Way

Tarot is freaking out.  First she was attacked by "super-villains."  Next, every time she tries doing a reading with her cards, they keep showing different trinities.  And they keep changing to show Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

In the Justice League watchtower, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman have a talk.  Batman is tending to Diana's burn.  To his surprise, the burn changed shape.  Before it was "serpentine" shape and now it looks sort of like an "h."  Batman comments that they both appeared mystical.  Wonder Woman says that's what she wants to talk about.  The wolf-creature that burned her called them a "trinity."  She also mentions the reality-warp dreams they shared.  They start going over the different combinations that could make them a trinity.

Tarot realizes she can't reject the cards.  She tries to give in to get a full reading.  She begins to see what the three are at their core.  She begins to see how they are connected when the wall caves in.  Jose (in his Gangbuster attire) is fighting off some big furry creatures.  He tells her to run but one grabs her and runs off.


Hawkman is trying to uncover who is behind the recent attempted thefts of mystical items.   He runs into Gangbuster, who insists on joining him.  Gangbuster is determined to find and save Tarot.

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Well!...It's About Time! 0

If you're like me and have invested $18+ on this title - what I like to call "price of admission"; and, transportation to get there - you'll be pleased to know that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are done with Konvict - and may he never darken the pages of Trinity ever again! But if you're a cynic like me, you know that this whole weekly thing is an experiment. Trying to capture the thrill and excitement of 24's real-time and give people like you and me a reason to make the trip to the local ...

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Agree and Disagree 0

Look bottom line Tarot is retarted, all she has to do is place a crap card on the table and suddenlly Wonder Woman has to take a dump.The watchtower looks as cool as ever but that wont save this retarted volume that is best descived as a "Huge" dissapointment.I feel as though the writers said, to hell with story and to hell with good ideas.Lets just create this crappy story and throw in some cool characters and everyone will buy it because they love the characters that much.This ghost hunters ty...

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