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The lead feature explores the unusual bond — and importance — of DC's top three characters, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, as a mysterious dream links them together and may prophesy important changes in their trinity!

Konvict and Graak are tearing up the place. John Stewart is out. The JLA arrive and soon get their behinds kicked. The arrival of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman could be the answer. Superman stands up to Konvikt. Can he take the punch?

In the back up, a girl going by the name Tarot tries making some extra money reading the cards. After doing a reading for a member of a street gang, he wants her to help them since her reading allowed them to rob a bank without getting caught. She doesn't want anything to do with them. When she tries running away, they chase after her. In an alley way, some dark shapes bloodily take care of the gang members saying, "She is not for you." She is meant for the "three that who are to rise." She has no idea what that means and is not willing to read her own fortune.

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And now, the Justice League of America... 0

Well, according to Carlos Pacheco, Wonder Woman certainly was blessed by the gods, let me tell ya! That's a pretty nice cover. I'm hangin' that on my bedroom ceiling.Bagley and Thibert really have the JL of A down. Haven't really seen much of their Green Lantern, but Black Lightning and The Flash look pretty sharp as do Hawkgirl and Vixen. Black Canary looks like Gwen Stacy from Ultimate Spider-Man, but then that's 'cause she's blond. Wonder Woman looks a little like MJ. They do a pretty good jo...

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Gettin' Better but 0

I try to forget Wonder Woman's back story because to me it doesnt work.Xenena and Hercules work fine in thier mytho world but in a superhero book featuring aliens and infected heroes the mytho should remain seperate.Anyway, Tarot is what i cant stand im sure thats where my frustration is coming from.Also this weeklt issue stuff needs to stop.Its turning into a soap opera....

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