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The Least Confusing So Far

I do have to say that this issue is the least confusing of all the issues of this series thus far.  I don't really like these sequels of 52, but I feel compelled to read them.  Almost as if I didn't I'd miss some really important event or something.  
The way I feel is that 52 was a good series because you had a team of top talent writers keeping everything flowing properly.  Countdown was ok, but it had points where it was SUPER confusing. Trinity just compounds on that confusion.
Now, down to this issue.  I like the viciousness that seems to be seeping into superman.  A little of that is probably from Batman and a lot from Wonder Woman.  I like how the Crime Syndicate was handled.  I'm still not sure what Enigma's deal is, for lack of a better term he is an enigma to me, which I'm sure that's how the creative team wanted it.
In the second story I really liked Hawkman's inner monologue.  I think they hit that nail on the head.  The ending of this issue really left me hanging and now I have no choice but to pick up the next one.
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