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In the first volume of Trigun Maximum, we caught up with Vash and watched him jump back into service for Peace and Love! But now the action really begins. Remember the Gung-Ho Guns? That modge-podge group of assassins born and bred to kill Vash? Well, they’re the ones who’re still alive and are still trying to kill him, and in Trigun Maximum volume 2, we’ll see the beginning of a whole new set of worries for our gunslinging mysterious nice guy. See the whole menagerie of freaky Gung-Ho Guns come after Vash in lots of crazy ways. The fun is really getting rolling in Trigun Maximum, taking you way beyond the anime and into new, dangerous territory.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 1: Return of the Blue Wind of Death
  • Chapter 2: Resume Our Business
  • Chapter 3: Samurai Showdown
  • Chapter 4: Wolfwood
  • Chapter 5: Desperado
  • Chapter 6: Home Sweet Home
  • Chapter 7: Darkness

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