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Hamblyn reprint of seven early parts of Mike Butterworth and Don Lawrence's epic The Trigan Empire; in the USA, Chartwell Publishing printed this volume. The first stories initial panels are redrawn, some panels cut out and some early stories skipped for this printing.

The Trigan Empire tells the story of the rise of the empire under the leadership of Trigo, a tale discovered after an alien spaceship crashes on Earth, bringing with it a dead crew and several books written in an unknown language. After a lifetime of scientists attempting to translate them, one man finally works out how to do so, and he finds they are the chronicles of the Trigan Empire, how it rose ... and how it ultimately fell.

Originally called The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire, the strip had begun as the lead story in Fleetway's short lived title Ranger, then shifted to Look and Learn when Ranger was cancelled and merged with that second title. This Hamblyn volume was the second U.K. collection of the series, after the 1973 Look and Learn Book of the Trigan Empire. New episodes of the series were still being produced when this collection came out, though both original creators had left the series; The Trigan Empire's original run only ended in 1982 when Look and Learn was cancelled.







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