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Trieste is a member of the Banari and comes to the Sargasso Sea with a mission to flood the Earth with her alien mate, Xlyym of the Fomalhauti. Trieste and members of her Banari Sisterhood had mind controlling organisms called skullhuggers attached to their heads when the Fomalhauti invaded their planet. Trieste and her Haab pets come into conflict with Triton when he activates the intruder alarm as he approached their spacecraft. A scavenger named Remora saw the fight and informed his boss, Tiger Shark and Tamara Rahn about the hot, red-skinned babes and their creature pets. A struggle between Triton and Trieste occur but it gets broken up by Tiger Shark. Tamara and Trieste remember each other because they are from the Banari Sisterhood. Triton is beaten in battle and a skullhugger is placed on his head. The mind-controlled Triton comes into conflict with Namor when he approaches the spacecraft. Trieste learns that the Banari brotherhood was inadvertently slaughtered by Atlanteans and seeks vengeance upon Namor. Trieste leads the charge and orders her sisters to attack Namor with their desalinizers which absorbs the salt from his body. Trieste was about to perform the killing blow on Namor when Tamara speared the skullhugger attached to her head. The damaged caused by the skullhugger was irreversible because it had fed on her brainwaves for many years. Trieste tells Tamara and Namor to destroy the earth-thrusting monoliths to realign their planet and to cut off the energy supply to the skullhuggers before she passes away.


Trieste was created by Glen Herdling and Geof Isherwood in 1994 and first appeared in Namor, the Sub-Mariner # 46.

Powers & Abilities

Trieste is a skilled warrior and sub-mariner that can live indefinitely in and out of water. Trieste is armed with a staff called desalinizers that can fire a force blast that absorbs all the salt from a person's body. Trieste has enhanced strength and speed when she is underwater.

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