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Wielded by Aquaman, The King of Atlantis in DC's Universe.

Powers and Characteristics

Before the New 52

The Trident (granted by Poseidon to the rightful ruler and protector of the seas) was indestructible and a very powerful melee weapon (able to destroy the very powerful Imperiex Probes), which Aquaman wielded with unmatched skill. Apart from that the Trident had also the power to manipulate water, fire bolts of powerful energy and act as a focus to amplify the magical power of others (like most notably Tempest)

In the New 52 (current continuity)

The Trident is now part of a collection of seven very powerful Atlantean magical items, forged by the first king of Atlantis whom calls himself 'The Dead King'. Thought to be the most powerful weapon of the set (although the discovery of a seventh hidden item might put this claim to test), the trident is completely indestructible and able to hurt even the most powerful of opponents such as the evil god Darkseid which he was the only leaguer to puncture and make him bleed out.

He was also able to break the mystical barrier of Dr. Graves which was deemed indestructible at the time. On one instance the trident was shown glowing with magical power when Black Manta used the rest of the items to discover the hidden seventh one.

Apart from all it's power the Trident acts as a symbol of Aquaman's authority and his trademark weapon which he wields with unmatched skill.

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