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Trick ‘r Treat is an anthology of four connected Halloween stories.   A trick-or-treater known as Sam who wears orange pajamas and a burlap sack appears in all of the interlocking stories. If you pay attention you will notice characters from the stories overlapping in minor appearances.


Opening: The film opens with Emma and Henry arriving home in their costumes after a long night.   Emma is about to blow out a jack o’lantern, and Henry tells her not to because of tradition; she disregards him and blows it out anyways. Henry goes inside while Emma insists on taking down some of their decorations. She is killed while outside by an unknown attacker who uses a pumpkin lollipop. Henry who had fallen asleep comes outside once he realises Emma has yet to come inside. He finds her severed head attached to the post of one of their many ghost-scarecrows.

Part One – The Principal: Principal Wilkins catches a overweight boy named Charlie taking more than his share of candy from the dish on his porch. Wilkins tells the boy to sit and gives him more candy, which he inhales. As Charlie starts t feel sick Wilkins tells the boy that he should have checked his candy. And Charlie begins to vomit uncontrollably all over Wilkins steps. Wilkins drags the body into the house and into the backyard where he burries him along with another body. His neighbour Mr. Kreeg comes outside with his dog while he is burying the bodies and complains about Wilkins’ kid, and goes back inside. Before The principal goes back inside he sees Kreeg at his window begging for help.   But he ignores him. Wilkins and his son go down to hte basement with a large kitchen knife to carve a jack o’lantern, which turns out to be Charlie’s decapitated head.

Part Two- The Schoolbus Massacre Revisited: Four kids (Macy, Schrader, Sara, Chip) are going around the neighbourhood collecting Jack o’lanterns, They stop at a strange girl name Rhonda’s house (which is decorated by dozens of jack o’lanterns. The five of them continue on to an abandoned rock quarry and Macy tells a local legnd of the ‘Halloween Schoolbus Massacre’ – which is the story of a bus driver who was paid by the parents of challenged/disturbed children to kill their children. The school bus crashed into the river at the bottom of the quarry, and the bus driver was the only one to survive – the lanterns were brought to pay respect to the children who died that day, and the 4 original children play a prank on Rhonda pretending to be attacked by the dead children. She is ingured and becomes frightened retreating to the elevator   which leads back up to the main quarry when there are more screams in the distance.  She locks herself in the elevator and refuses to let the others in when the actual students from the massacre appear. Mary, Schrader, Sara and Chip appear to be murdered by the students and all you can here is their screams and what sounds like limbs being torn apart from above.

Part Three - Surprise Party: A group of Four young women pick up costumes and dates at a local costume shoppe. Laurie the 22 year old ‘virgin’ dressed as little red riding hood, is the only one left to not find a date and decides to meet the others at the party in the woods later. On her way to the party, alone in the woods she is attacked by a ‘vampire’.  At the party a figure wrapped in Laurie’s red cloak falls from the trees. The person is revealed to be the ‘vampire’ and Laurie appears from the trees. The ‘vampire’ turns out to be a battered Mr. Wilkins, wearing fake fangs. Laurie tells him to be gentle, and that it is her first time, as she transformes into a werewolf ripping off her skin, along with all the other girls at the party. They eat their dates.

Part Four – Meet Sam: This part of the story takes place at the home of Mr.Kreeg – who hates Halloween. Kreeg is attacked by Sam (the masked Trick-or-treater who appeared in all of the stories)   and in a bedroom upstairs the walls are covered in writing which looks to be applied in blood. Kreeg unmasks Sam, and he is shown to have a head that looks like a cross between a skull and a pumpkin. Kreeg Shoots Sam with a Shotgun and pumpkin guts splatter. As Kreeg dials 9-1-1 Sam attacks again, but this time as we think he is about to stab Kreeg with the sucker, he stabs into the chocolate bar on his chest and eats it. He then leaves the house.   Kreeg wasburning photos  in his fireplace; these Photos show Kreeg to be the School bus driver from the Massacre.    

Conclusion:    Later, when Kreeg is all bandaged up from his encounter with Sam, he gives out candy to the children who come to his house, while doing this he sees Emma blowing out the Jack o’lantern and Sam going across to their house. Rhonda is walking by with her wagon and is almost hit by a car full of the girls from the woods. Principal Wilkin’s son is sitting on the front porch handing out candy dressed as his father was earlier. Once back inside the doorbell rings once more, and as he opens the door he finds the children from the massacre on his steps saying ‘Trick or Treat’ with arms outstretched for candy. In the style of a comic book,  we are shown Kreeg’s inevitable doom. 


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scary+weird=good!!(: 0

This is a great but kind of cheesy movie in my opinion. Any fan of horror movies...this movie is a must! This movie is garenteed to scare you atleast once. Also to add  to suspence and horror...This movie has a great story line. It mainly brings together 4 stories. It starts off the movie with an introduction to them, then of course its all brung together to have a great twist at the end. Like i mentioned before, some its very cheesy and generic. But still, unlike any horror movie ive seen befor...

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