I have a theory about Triage's power

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If he keeps healing people, what effect would it have on him??? when it take away from his own "life force" such as for one person he revives will it cost him one year off his life??? Kinda like how Velocidad powers are killing him because he moves through time and space.....

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Figures. The cool powers always have a catch.

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I always figured Christopher would be the one to heal the phoenix altered powers of the X-Men. That or maybe if he could grant healing to someone, he could do the opposite and hurt people.

Have you read the recent issues, after her little time jump Eva seems terrified of his touch, I'm guessing that's why.

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he is the new elixir.

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@ubungqingili: Her powers are differents. I am sure that Elixir will come back sooner or later. Even as a bad guy. ;)

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