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Tre Owens was a young officer in Washington, D.C.'s metro police department. He was an optimistic man, who could often be found playing basketball with neighborhood kids who did not think much of cops in general. He had been a metro cop for eighteen months when he was suddenly hit by a selection beam from the Worldmind on Nu-Xandar. He was one of thousands of humans suddenly finding themselves chosen for service in the Nova Corps. Despite the abrupt recruitment, he happily accepted the opportunity to become a Nova Centurion.

What Tre did not realize was that he and the other new recruits were being mentally coerced by the control of endorphins and subliminal messaging in their brains. His acceptance and willingness to follow the Worldmind's orders were not of his own volition.

War of Kings

Tre accompanied the rest of his fellow Centurions to the front lines of the War of Kings between the Shi'ar and Kree. The Nova Corps intervention went disastrously as they attempted to defend  Kree worlds from the invading Shi'ar. Many Centurions were killed. Tre's unit was blindsided by a Shi'ar Star Destroyer Ionclad and members of the Imperial Guard. The only place they could find cover was within the wreckage of an orbital dockyard, where they quickly found themselves pinned down and being picked off. Rich Rider, once again Nova Prime, arrived in time to save Tre and Lindy Nolan from Warstar.

With Rich's help, Tre and the other surviving Centurions were able to make it back to Nu-Xandar. It was explained to Tre that the Worldmind had been compromised and was manipulating all of their minds this whole time. The plan was to pull the Nova Corps out of the war and send everyone home to live out their lives. Tre, joined by Lindy, shot that offer down. His mind was now his own, and he still wanted to be of some service. With the support of the new incarnation of the Worldmind, Tre was allowed to remain.

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