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Travis Rave was created by Dennis O'Neil, John Romita Jr., and Jim Mooney.    

Major Story Arc

Eye of the Beholder

When Mud-Thing was released into the custody of Sadie Frickett after it had been deemed innocent for the crimes of Sandman and Hydro-Man, Travis Rave presented Sadie with the opportunity to enter show business with the creature. Enamored by the prospect of fame, Sadie accepted. Unfortunately, after a successful opening night, Sadie accidentally kissed Travis out of excitement, and Mud-Thing went on a rampage out of jealousy, leaving Travis merely concerned over whether or not he would have to refund everyone's money.

Even after the demise of Mud-Thing, Travis showed no concern whatsoever for the creature, and was instead more concerned over whether its rampage would be covered by his insurance. He even suggested to Sadie that her story be made into a movie, but Sadie rejected the idea and left Travis out of disgust.

Powers and Abilities

Other than being a fast operater with little scruples, Travis Rave was an average, and rather unremarkable human being.

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