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Trapper was Vola, a first generation Spaceknight. She used nets and cables capable of containing both matter and energy. The nets could also burn, electrocute, freeze or banish to Limbo whatever was contained in them. As a human, Vola was in love with Plor. They joined the Spaceknights together. Plor became the Spaceknight codenamed "Pulsar".

The Spaceknights eventually broke ranks and went to seperate space direction, seeking the Dire Wraiths. Trapper's path led her to planet Clavius where fellow Spaceknight Breaker had formed an alliance with the local Wraiths. Trapper sided with the natives against them. She was later joined by Rom and other Spaceknights who helped end the conflict in her favor. She joined Rom, Seeker and Scanner in returning to Galador. Only to find themselves in conflict with a second Generation of Spaceknights. She was killed in battle.

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