is it really that depressing

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going to buy the trades because of the really high recommendation
but i heard its really deressing i was wondering how so, and is it offensive in any way like the preacher
help, to be more specific i need aztek's help

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Mmmh, I ain't aztek, but yeah, it's kinda offensive : 
The hero is most of the time on drugs, the comics doesn't shy about taking refuge in vulgarity and audacity , and pissing on power personnality, religion and authority in general. Written by Warren Ellis, reading this comics is like scanning the mind of a punk liberal. So, if you have respect about authority, religion and politness, don't read this comics, you will be offended beyond all scales. 
But it's worth the read as the story is quite good.
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@The Devil Tiger
i was really offended by the preacher dispite the story being good
so religion is the main aspect, i can take humur but not as far as the preacher 
sooo do you recommend
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I have never been offended by a comic in my life

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@spiderbat87 said:
I have never been offended by a comic in my life
same here except for preacher
too depressing is the main concern have you read it, how is it
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I don't know well the preacher comics, so it's difficult to make comparison, but here my advice. 

I recommend you to borrow it if you're curious. But certainly not to buy it. 
Religion doesn't make a  truly central part in the plot of the comics, but the writer make it clear that he find the idea of religion outdated and meaningless. I'm not fond of any organized religion myself, though I believe in god, and I was slightly offended by Warren Ellis idea about spirituality, even as I consider myself a very open minded person. 

And yes, it is sometimes very depressing.  
Don't get confused, I loved the comics, but I understand that nt everyone will take it humurously, especially when you know Warren Ellis, it's not the first time that he made "stealthy" author statement about god and religion. Just read some of the latest issue of "Stormwatch" or the first issue of "Planetary." 
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@The Devil Tiger
thanks i'll borrow and see
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Aztek has arrived...

I suppose if it's offensive to you, then you are not the target audience but I was not offended, the only types I would find offended at any point are people who are afraid of the truth (as he is a journalist after all).

But I've said it before and I'll say it again, Spider Jerusalem is such a great character because his over-the-top self adds a humor to the series that is the only thing that allows you to read the series without blowing out your brains because it can be really depressing if you sit and let yourself think about it and near the end it begins to hit harder for reasons that I won't spoil here. I think the first time I read the end I just lay on the floor for like ten minutes but I'm sure I'm an extreme example :P

It's a great comic though, one of the best and a personal favorite, but yes, it can be depressing and sure, it can probably be offensive but if you are offended by comics (including Preacher) I don't think you should be reading them, I think if you are offended by the comics you are missing the point but maybe I'm misjudging the writer's intentions.

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@aztek_the_lost: Spiderbat bows in reverence 
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@aztek_the_lost: thanks for the reply
my main concern is the depressing part, what is it like a soap opera 
i have been eying the series for some time now
and i dont really get offended by any comic, only preacher and only in two parts, where cassidy spits, and SoK you know...........
but is the series over the top like that in term of insulting other people's beliefs?
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@higher_evolutionary: there is one issue on religion early on the series but it's a minor part of the series as a whole, it's over-the-top in that Spider is too crazy beyond the idea of what a rational human being could be...his passion and personality are the types of things I at least could never imagine in a real person and it's over-the-top in that you just find yourself laughing and having a good time even though the underlying messages may not be so humorous...for example, his weapon of choice early on is the Bowel Disruptor...just the idea of such a weapon seems so ridiculous but it fits his character...although as the series progresses his attitude changes somewhat and that's where it felt darker for me near the end (as I'm sure was intended) but you probably won't break down and cry at any point in the comic


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