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Your vision of the future is subject to change

Transmetropolitan volume 2 elaborates on the misadventures of outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem and on exactly what he writing for; the truth. 
Story: Spider is regaining his footing in the city after the events of the Transient riots due to his column "I Hate It here", which has gained a significant amount of publicity. More light is shed on Spider's "filthy" assistant Channon, as the volume begins with her boy friends "downloading" to become a nanohuman, (Long explanation short, his mind is being downloaded into a million atom-sized-robots capable of moving matter and changing it into whatever the nanohuman wants, which is pretty simple because they no longer have any physical needs.) From here, Spider goes on to write about a number of topics, such as how 
cryogenically frozen people adapt to this strange new future, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, how the future society has made attempts to preserve various ancient cultures from all through time. The volume concludes with a three part dilemma that puts Spider's life in danger and revels his some of the darker parts of Spider's past catching up with him.
Writing: Warren Ellis has me hooked again. The dialog is engaging and, uh... well lets just say its colorful. The story moves forward at a steady pace and will keep the interest of any reader long after they've finished this volume. 
Illustrations: Stunning. Darick Robertson does a fantastic job. As the story begins to explain more of the city, the illustrations keep pace rather well. From the buildings to the fantastic depictions of the passers by on the streets to the detail of the of the main characters, Robertson doesn't miss a beat.
Overall: The second volume of Transmetropolitan brings you to some stunning realizations, like maybe the future won't make everything perfect, that poverty will still exist, that life still sucks. Warren Ellis does a great job planting such ideas into your head and making you question you perception of the future. The kick ass story, writing, and illustrations all work together to form a non-stop thrill ride for the reader, only ending with the books conclusion. Transmetropolitan makes you feel like your watching an awesome movie, that you have to replay over and over again, and then share with your friends and family, and even that one co-worker that's really creepy and stares at you while your at the water cooler, because its just that good.    

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