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Hit the ground running 0

The first volume of Transmetropolitan tells the beginnings of the astoundingly crude and violent journalist,  Spider Jerusalem.    Story: Spiders tale begins when he is forced to leave his beloved mountain and return to the city, (which is the only place he can truly write but hates), in order to write two books for his "Whorehopper" editor. When Spider returns to the city, he is flat broke. He gets a job from his old friend, Mitchel Royce where he must write a weekly column for the newspaper Th...

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The Old 'Un 1

My summer reading list was beaten up and left for dead on the curb outside of my spacious Midwestern home, but while doing some belated spring cleaning, what should I chance upon but this trade collecting the first three issues of Transmetropolitan. You might be curious why I am reviewing the trade and not the individual issues, but they all fall in the first storyline, so instead of forcing my rare follower to read reviews for each individual issue for contextual clues referring to the previous...

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Even the Beginnings Of the Greatest Works Have Some Shortcomings 0

Transmetropolitan is perhaps one of the greatest series of graphic novels to be released in the last decade, truly capturing a captivating world that earnestly reflects the misgivings of our world and what we're headed for. It's smart, vulgar, thoughtful, hilarious, and down right thought-provoking. Yet, even a series as great as this have some issues in the long run, and it shows in this first volume, Back On the Street.Basically, we are thrown into the world of Spider Jerusalem, a rogue journ...

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