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One of the most downright dangerous and deadly Transformers of all arrives on Earth in single-minded, stop-at-nothing pursuit of his prey. If you think we’re talking about a Decepticon here, think again! Meet Sideswipe, the Autobots’ very own lethal weapon.


In a scene of destruction, we see Sideswipe who had failed to protect a colony of Autobots from Demolisher and he says he will stop at nothing and will either kill him or die trying. He rampages through the streets, knocking vehicles out of his way. He knows Demolisher cares nothing for the life forms of the planet and he says he doesn't either because they only get in his way. Meanwhile, the military asks Optimus if Sideswipe is one of his and he replies that he is. They are surprised because they thought he was an enemy because of all the damage he was causing. Optimus is told that they had an agreement that there are no gray areas and Optimus says that is true and they will deal with Sideswipe. As they get a fix on Sideswipe's location, Lennox says he's prepared two C-17s to take off and asks Optimus what to do if Sideswipe doesn't stand down and Optimus tells him that they'll have to teach him that if he's not a solution, then he's a problem. Ironhide tells Optimus he'll try to bring him back in line because he feels Sideswipe is misguided but also an asset they need. Optimus asks what makes him think he could reach him and Ironhide tells him that he trained him and understands what's driving him because he used to be like that too. Optimus tells him to take the first C-17 and that they'll give him an hour before they deal with Sideswipe the hard way. Meanwhile, Sideswipe arrives at an airport in Buenos Aires knowing that Demolisher is somewhere there. He wonders why Demolisher is hiding because he's much faster than him but Demolisher is more powerful and left him for dead last time. At that point, the C-17 with Ironhide lands and Ironhide has a flashback on Cybertron when he was telling Sideswipe to stand down only to be ignored. He tried to tell Sideswipe that there's always a time to advance and to hold fast for reinforcements and this is one of the latter. Sideswipe replies by saying that he may have taught him but now he's grown beyond Ironhide and left him behind. Sideswipe realizes Demolisher is waiting for reinforcements and so he breaks into the airport, putting human lives at stake in the process. He realizes Demolisher must be in a hangar because he's not too inconspicuous and then local law enforcement arrives, giving Demolisher the distraction he needed to then come out and strike. Sideswipe realizes that his best chance is to make him angry because that would make him careless which would then make him vulnerable. So he teases him while he fires a barrage of missiles at him. As they continue to battle, Ironhide arrives and Demolisher is happy because he was hoping to destroy more than one Autobot. Sideswipe realizes that Demolisher was waiting for Autobot reinforcements, not Decepticon reinforcements. Demolisher starts to flee the scene and Sideswipe tries to chase after him when Ironhide gets in his way. Sideswipe tells him to step aside but Ironhide tells him that Demolisher wants them to pursue him because it's just fun and games to him and to let the other Autobots handle it because he's lost his perspective. Sideswipe tells Ironhide that his sharp edge has grown dull and goes after Demolisher. Demolisher is creating a trail of destruction everywhere he goes as he goads the Autobots to chase after him. As the Autobots approach him, Ironhide tells Sideswipe not to let him goad them because their job is to get him away from the city. Sideswipe ignores him and says his job is to take him down no matter what and tells Ironhide to stay out of his way. As he encounters Demolisher, Demolisher destroys a building and Ironhide gets in the way of the falling debris to protect humans in the vicinity and tells them to clear the area. Sideswipe tells Demolisher his mistake last time was trying to match him blow for blow when he's much faster and more agile than him. He starts to attack Demolisher taking advantage of his strengths and asks Demolisher how long before he hits something critical. Ironhide realizes he has to stop this soon before it escalates. Demolisher mocks sideswipe and tells him he's nothing more than an irritation. They continue to battle until they are interrupted by a jet bombing both of them. Ironhide calls for help while Sideswipe and Demolisher start noticing the humans and their capabilities. Ironhide tells Sideswipe that because of him, they're both on the wrong side of the line. A missile is fired at Sideswipe and Ironhide gets in the way. Missiles are also fired at Demolisher who retreats and says he'll finish this at a time and place of his choosing. The other Autobots arrive and Lennox says to tell the jets to stand down because of the men on the ground. Sideswipe wants to pursue Demolisher but he realizes that Ironhide was right because he crossed a line and led the humans to believe he was the enemy. He then calls for a medic for Ironhide who was badly damaged and realizes there are still lessons for him to learn.

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