deadstroke's Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen review

The First Movie was Better...

I can't do this movie review without a few SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you don't wanna be spoiled, then don't read.

I am really pissed off, so I'm just going to point out everything I liked and disliked rather then good into a huge amount of detail.

This movie has some great action and special effects, however those are the only things that were good in this movie. Like the first Transformers movie, whenever the robots weren't fighting I was bored. Not to mention every scenes with the humans are dull and not really funny. When are we going to get a movie as good as the first animated Transformers movie?

Optimus Prime is more bad ass, and Megatron is back.

We get more of Megatron beating on Starscream, which the first movie lacked.

I liked Shia Labeouf, hes an okay actor but here he isn't really given a range to show off his acting skills. However Megan Fox seemed like she was sleepwalking through the entire thing, and was only there for eye candy.

The jokes in this movie are childish and stupid, The one transformer humping Megan Foxes leg wasn't funny in the slightest,neither was the dogs humping each other. Few of the jokes made me laugh, most of the time I sat there bored waiting for the next action scene.

The racial stereotypes from the two twin transformers. I was kinda offended from that (And I'm not even black)the two transformers have the stereotypical large black ears and one I think actually had a gold tooth. They seemed to have made a racial stereotype of black people with the twins having big lips, large ears, gold teeth, and saying shit like "We don't read". I'm not black, but I know a lot of black people that are insulted. Sure you can say they learned how to talk from the Internet....but why couldn't they have the twins learn some other form of communication from the internet, so why did the creators chose black gangsta rapper talk over any other form? I would have rather have seen the twins with a Cajun accent, an Australian accent, or a simple dumb cowboy accent.

ONE transformer actually had BALLS!!! WFT!!! I felt sickened just by looking at it, I felt violated. Transformers shouldn't have balls....

Why is it that "Terminator Salvation" (A much better movie) had a large robot that everyone thought was a transformer, and this movie has a transformer disguised as a human (Like a terminator) Someone copied someone else. Lets see .....The first Terminator movie came out in 1984, and the first wave of Transformers toys and comics came out in....1984!!!! The pretenders didn't make the first appearance till 1988. So I guess Transformers copied Terminator.

In short, It was great for the special effect and action scenes. Everything with JUST the transformers was great but everything else was bland and boring. If your only looking for eye candy...go see it. However if your looking for brain food skip it.


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