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Transformers 2

This was just not all that good. By that I mean it was a shit sandwhich where the shit couldn't stand the smell so it left. That is how I think of this movie. Two bare pieces of bread with nothing in between them.
That really is not a bad anallogy. Maybe I was a bit harsh with the shit comment, but it is not a good movie. You can give it credit for being a good looking movie. The CGI is outstanding, and yes Megan Fox is in it and she looks hot.
Yet sometimes Megan Fox speaks, and that my friends is never a good thing. There are other things wrong also. At this point everyone and their brothers heard about the "Jive" talking robots, I say get the hell over it, it's only racist if you have racist leanings, and can't see past stuff like that.
The movie will not bore you, but it does run a long time. So it isn't out of lack of trying.  
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