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Transformers:The Revenge of The Fallen 0

This movie was Micheal Bay's sequel to the first movie.This movie was awsome.In this movie it talked about more about The Transformere's origin.It also showed the  very first decepticon,The Fallen. In the movie  Megatron comes back from the dead to find The Matrix of Leadership so he and his master,the Fallen can control Earth's sun. When I saw the movie I couldn't believe that The Fallen was Megatron's master. Anyways The Fallen can only be defeated by a Prime,which means Optimus is the only on...

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The First Movie was Better... 0

I can't do this movie review without a few SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you don't wanna be spoiled, then don't read. I am really pissed off, so I'm just going to point out everything I liked and disliked rather then good into a huge amount of detail. GOODThis movie has some great action and special effects, however those are the only things that were good in this movie. Like the first Transformers movie, whenever the robots weren't fighting I was bored. Not to mention every scenes with the humans ...

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Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen 0

MAN!!! I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THIS MOVIE!!!!  Everything was bigger and better then the last movie, which is exactly the recipe for a heavy hitting sequel. I at first had some reservations but that quickly changed once the action scenes got rolling.  Man seeing Optimus kicking robotic butt in the woods was a site to see.  My favorite moment though was Shia's encounter with Alice the Pretender. Man when he was screaming on the floor, i actually had tears in my eyes from the laughter.  This movie...

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a failed atempt 0

The movie have a lot of flaws like The comedy - was just wrong and dumb. Like the dogs humping each other. The twins.  More human less robots - whats the movie named? oh yeah transformers  The fallen - so much hype for a few minutes fighting. A big meh the militaries - why need the robots if at the end they destroyed a lot of robots.  The blue ray edition -  for me a ps3 game look better.  good thing the cars - was great VO - the voice overs are great  if u like it tell me and if u don't tell me...

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MIchael Bay's Perfect World 0

By The Angry Comic Book Critic          Michael Bay has made his fantasy world a reality in this two hour long explosion.Yes my friends Transformers 2 has it all it is filled with racially insensitive robots, hot babes(That's not so bad),big explosions,pointless dialouge and the biggest pair of robot balls either you or I have ever seen on the silver screen. Now I consider myself a man of patience but when you do shit this stupid and when I say this stupid I mean it in the sense that all r...

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review by Movie Optimus Prime 0

If you haven't seen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen beware this review has loads of spoilers, basically the entire plot. Greetings movie and Transformers fans alike, today I will be reviewing the cocking new movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen the sequel to the cocking live action Transformers movie in 2007 (even though I didn’t see Rodimus Prime or Galvatron in it).The movie is set in 2009, but there is not rift in time and space, so this must be another alternate reality. I narrate t...

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Young Justice (TV Series) 0

Young Justice is a show partially based on the comic book series published by DC Comics about a team of adolescent superheroes, many of which are the kid sidekicks of members of the Justice League, joining together to help save the world from the forces of evil.  The show is not meant to be confused with the previous Teen Titans animated series, which followed a heavily anime-inspired art style and was played more for comedy by comparison.  Besides also following a different cast of char...

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Transformers 2 0

This was just not all that good. By that I mean it was a shit sandwhich where the shit couldn't stand the smell so it left. That is how I think of this movie. Two bare pieces of bread with nothing in between them. That really is not a bad anallogy. Maybe I was a bit harsh with the shit comment, but it is not a good movie. You can give it credit for being a good looking movie. The CGI is outstanding, and yes Megan Fox is in it and she looks hot. Yet sometimes Megan Fox speaks, and that my friend...

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A Great Sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0

I enjoyed this sequel and people told me it was bad, but is was not. It has some great action scenes and showed a new opponent the autobots and humans face called The Fallen. It also shown the death of Optimus Prime. I enjoyed this , but i don't understand why people hated it when it had some great action scenes and new autobots and decepticons too. Overall, i'm giving 4/5 because it had some great action, funny scenes and cool robots, but it did have a couple of gliches, but weren't a problem a...

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen review 0

I know there are lot of reviews in this page and has been a long time since this movie was released, but only until recently I watched this movie again and remember why I hated it so much. I liked the first Transformers it was reasonable entertaining and I could tolerate the human characters onscreen as long as I saw giant robots fighting. To be honest, I wasn't formally introduced into the Transformers franchise until the movie Granted it wasn't a start but thankfully, I know some cartoons (the...

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Very close to completely unwatchable. 0

After defeating Megatron and most of his elite Decepticons, the Autobots decide to remain on Earth and assist the military in locating and destroying the last of the Decepticon forces. During one of their missions, Optimus Prime learns that "The Fallen" will be returning and this raises a lot of concern. On the other side, Sam (Shia LaBeouf) is trying to live a normal life as a freshman in college. However, due to circumstances, he's dragged into the latest battle between the two warring faction...

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