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The Fallen has been released at long last and now plans to use the Sun-harvester to destroy the sun and convert it into energon. The Autobots and Decepticons then begin their final battle. The humans call the pentagon for support but their message does not get across and the constructicons combine to form Devastator. The Decepticons attempt to use Sam's parents to threaten him to give them the Matrix, but with the help of Bumblebee, his parents are saved. Sam, believing he is needed, goes to fight with the Autobots. Devastator in the meantime begins to rip apart the top of a pyramid to reveal the Sun-Harvester hidden underneath it. While the military helps with the battle against the Decepticons, Sam seeks Optimus Prime and with Jetfire's help he makes it to him and as he does, he meets the dynasty of Primes in a vision and obtains the Matrix of Leadership which is then used to revive Optimus Prime. However, the Fallen then takes the matrix and tries to activate the Sun Harvester. The military get back up and take out Devastator while Optimus heads for a final battle with the Fallen. Megatron interferes, believing that the Fallen will give him power, but Optimus tells him that he was lied to as Primes are born - not made - and proceeds to finish off the Fallen who begs Megatron to help him with the empty promise of making him a God which Megatron does not fall for.The symbols Sam once saw are now with Optimus along with all the history of Cybertron's past. As the humans and Autobots then plan to go and discover their connections from the past, Megatron begins rebuilding a new army...

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