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The official adaptation of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen picks up directly where the Destiny movie prequels leave off with this weekly series -- the Transformers' brutal war continues on Earth as the noble Autobots work with their human allies to end the threat of the treacherous Decepticons.

In the first part of the Official Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen movie adaptation, we see how the Fallen arrived to the earth million of years ago and that the Autobots are working with the goverment now.

Meanwhile Sam is moving to his college apartment where he mets with Alice and Leo Spitz.While he's still home, he drops a piece from the Allspark to the ground and things from the house transforms into mini robots. Bumblebee arrives and saves Sam and his parents but the house burns down.

Mikaela calls Sam and tells him that she break up with him because the distance between them.

Optimus arrives at Sam apartment and asks for Sam's help in order to restore peace to the universe but Sam ignores Optimus' help saying that this isn't his fight.

Same time, a group of decepticons arrive and resurrects Megatron.

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