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Articles and features

  • Kre-O Transformers Conundrums
  • Soundwave's Stumpers
  • Down and Out! -more puzzles
  • Super Cybertronian Seach!
  • Prime Targets game (used with the free gift)
  • Knock Out profile
  • The Trans Files: Trypticon (fact file on the Decepticon spaceship)
  • Smackdown: Starscream vs. Soundwave (Soundwave wins)
  • "Prime Time" poster of the Autobots posing.
  • Mega-Mouth: Megatron and Arcee answer letters and critique art again.
  • Competition: Win a Transformers: Prime: Dangerous Ground DVD or a Prime deluxe figure ("styles may vary").
  • It's Prime Time: Final part of TF:Prime Season 2. Manages to be spoiler-free by only showing small screen-grabs with very brief captions telling you how exciting it all is.

Free Gift!

  • An AWESOME dart shooter!


  • Megatron and Arcee both being complimentary to the artists.

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