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Get ready for the all-new adventures of TRANSFORMERS PRIME! The brand new official TRANSFORMERS PRIME Comic features the awesome new 'bots from the brand new Cartoon Network show!

Meet the Autobot Team!

Megatron has returned with a dangerous new power in TRANSFORMERS PRIME - meet Optimus Prome, Bulkhead and the team of 'bots who are preparing for an epic battle against the Decepticons!

'The Safe and the Failsafe'

Team Prime's task isn't so easy when they have to guard over three normal kids - Jack, Miko and Raf - who have accidentally discovered the Autobots. See how they manage it in our brand new comic strip adventure!

Episode Guide: Darkness Rising Part 1

Check out our guide to the very first episode of TRANSFORMERS PRIME! In Jasper, Nevada, Cliffjumper discovers a huge Energon mine, and within moments an enormous Decepticon spaceship arrives above him. Will his Autobot comrades arrive in time to save him?

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