Your thoughts on Transformers: DOTM

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For me the movie is way better than the second one but it gets too funny at times and that draws you away from the plot. The whole hype with Shockwave was dissapointing because he is not the main villain but it's good because all the transformers get good speaking roles. I feel sorry for Megatron though he deserves more credit. There was even a reference to the G1 cartoon where Megatron sat on the Lincon Memorial. For me the character Jerry made the film he was hilarious trying to fight lazerbeak. What did you think of the film?

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 It's nice to see that not only did they manage to phase out the racism we saw in the 2nd movie, but in addition they actually managed to give minorities a significant role in the movie and as a result it made the movie that much better, for me atleast. Who knows, maybe Bay's creds were taking a hit and he's trying save that part of his image.  I did sense a really subtle anti-Obama theme. Outside of that, I really didn't think that they could make a third movie about robots fighting in the city work. I thought it was getting old, but apparently he proved me wrong. I think the cold reality the movie portrayed really helped to make the movie work. It upped the stakes. Really missed Megan Fox though.
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Best of the 3.

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