Quick and Dirty: Transformers 3

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Tony, where did you get that AWESOME SHIRT?

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Thumbs up for the shirt! 
As for Transformers... I'm boycotting the movie altogether and erasing Bay's Transformers saga from my memory.
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Artoo plus Dalek = Robot in Disguise!

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Also, let's use this thread for SPOILERS if you so desire to discuss them.

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Screend? Oh you guys I see.

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haven't seen the film yet and spoilers pffft dont bother me but i have enjoyed all the transformer films so far though having said that i am easily pleased :D haha

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YAY a video 

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Michael Bay broke the blockbuster....they don't have to be good anymore. Just loud.

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I always enjoy these discussions, even when I have little interest at the subject at hand. Like cross-family mini podcasts that keep me up to speed on x.

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I enjoyed the first two. A lot. Big explosions, really good special effects. It's a summer movie. You don't have to make a brain teaser for a robot war movie. I'll hold off on your review until I see it.

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Jeez You guys are just hating. The movie was fine I had a great time. sure its not a massive media changing movie but it was a LOT of fun.

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There's a rumor Bay's coming back for 4. 
I hope not. 
The biggest problem I have with these movies is they're so poorly written it's not even funny.  The first one had the best script of, it sounds, all 3... and even it was functionally wasteful. 
Transformers began with a strong conservationalist message (Cybertron is out of energy.  Let's go steal some!), with the autobots clearly portrayed as civilians, and  the 'cons as conquerers.  Yet the bots always come across as more viscious than the 'cons - Prime's killing of Scavenger in Movie 2 is a good example of a war crime.

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This Movie was awesome I had such a great time . Yeah I agree with you guys on megatron I was kind of disappointed in Megatron being a supporting character. 

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Harry Potter is going to make more 
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeSUuj98Rx0 Michael Bay sucks.

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Is there anyway you guys can start using a video player similar to Youtube's where you can wait for the loading bar to fill then I can watch it without all these freaking hick-ups!!!!!!

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y'know.  I don't care what anyone says about it.  I loved Transformers 1.  It had some stupid parts but overall I thought it was a great movie. It was a fun action/sfx/eyecandy movie.
Transformers 2, however, was total fucking dogshit.
So at first I wasn't happy about these reviews.  But everyone is saying (that I've read reviews from so far) that this is the "best" of the 3 movies...so if that's the case I'm going to enjoy it a lot.
Everyone expects some deep shakesperean (sp don't care) bullshit in movies instead of enjoying them for what they're meant to be.  Transformers was never meant to be some super-serious/deep movie franchise..yet everyone expected it to be.
whatever, again if 3 really is the best of the bunch I can't wait to see it.  Damn the haters.

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First movie was awesome - it's still in my top 10 of all time. Revenge of the Fallen I try to forget ever happened, (apparently nothing that happened in it is even acknowledged in the third film). I know the reviews for D.O.T.M. are pretty terrible but I'm stoked. I really don't like a few things that happen, (mostly character deaths and the beyond ludicrous ending), but I'll still like it.

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Alright, I fixed it. T3D:DOTM. Michael Bay can't seem to stop himself when it comes to injecting his movies with adolescent racist stereotypes, misogynistic images, and just all around tasteless, forced, terrible humor. There is a scene where Sam Witwiki is running from a U.S. military base that just get attacked by one of the giant robots, and runs into his crazy parents. (Spoilers???    What does Transformer movies and Tyler Perry movie have in common?? When you talk about them, there is no such thing as a  # spoiler)the movie thinks that while all this Godzilla-like destruction is going on, it thinks this is a good time to shoe horn in some comedy with Sam's trying-too-hard-to-be-surprisingly-funny-like-in-the-first-film parents.  
   It's like the writers were in a room together and said, "Hey! The Dark Knight wasn't great because of a character driven script, that's just trying to make it difficult. What made it a hit with audiences is because it was so long. We need to make a 3 hour movie!!! That'll get us respect!!!" 
   This movie should have just had at least the 40 minutes of action at the end of the film. Bay is great at explosions and actions scenes, he sucks at directing human beings. I didn't care for the humans in this story whatsoever. All that destruction, and I kind of hoped the Decpticons won. 
This movie stunk on ice. 2 1/2 Unicrons (who should have been in this movie).

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Honestly, I wanted Bumblebee to die. It'd make me MAYBE care about what was going on. In my head, I was thinking, "PULL THE TRIGGER, SOUNDWAVE! SHOOT THIS MUTHA F*CKA!" In a Morgan Freeman voice from Wanted, of course.

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@haydenclaireheroes said:

YAY a video
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Nice to see this on CV as well! <3

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I loved this movie as a kid... I have a bootleged copy on dvd now...
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Rorie: "How 'bout the girl?"

Norm & Tony: "Ugh!"


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I think Red Skull's look is actually cooler here

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I fell asleep twice during this movie.  Both times were during the first half.

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LOL @ Starscream salivating all over frickin' screen. -_-

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dude i have no idea at u guys are talking about TRANSFORMERS WAS FRIGGIN AMAZING! sure, it had slow moments, but that was made up for by Optimus being a BADASS! so whatever this movie was sick 
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I just want Starscream to betray the decepticons, that is all I ask of a Transformers movie. The first time I saw Starscream do that in the animated series, it blew my mind, for whatever reason, and I just want that to be acknowledged. That's all I want. Please.

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That room you guys are in, is either way to hot or you guys need to get out more to get some exercising in because you are sweating way to much for just sitting still.

I rate the movie 3 out of 5 Lawn Chairs. The only reason the kids love it so much is because of the new eye candy replacement and they can't really see past that.

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i want to watch this movie

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