k4tz's Transformers: Dark of the Moon review

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Just wrote this up on the Ledger.  Figured I would share it with you guys in case any of you were on the fence about the movie and wanted another opinion. 
Michael Bay's final installment of Transformers is here, so does the trilogy go out with a bang or make fans face-palm like the second film? Simply put, I think the movie rocked. 'Dark of the Moon' capitalizes on everything that has worked so well in the franchise and only has hints of what has been holding back the overall quality.

The Good:

As expected, Bay's directing results in some absolutely stunning cinematography. You'll be hard pressed to find a scene with an Autobot or Decepticon that doesn't please your eyes. The cgi is virtually flawless and the gorgeous views of the environments, which range from Africa to Chicago, often compliment the top-notch graphics extremely well. I cannot recall just how many times I found myself smiling like a child at how beautiful the shots were.

And to further enhance the visual experience, the quality of the action sequences in this movie are downright jaw dropping. If I had to summarize the action in one word, it would be 'epic.' The highway sequence left me floored. We're treated to fleshed out battles between the Autobots and Decepticons and you will not be disappointed. From there, the action only manages to go uphill. The final hour or so of this film is like an adrenaline shot straight to your heart. We're treated to full out war between the Cybertron natives and remaining human forces. Michael Bay is known for his action and explosions, and he's really outdone himself this time. Trust me, you'll love every frame of the final setting. And yes, Optimus kicks a whole lot of ass!

If you enjoyed the humor in the first movie, odds are you'll find plenty of laughs this time around as well. Shia LaBeouf performs as expected as Sam, and his role is laced with plenty of funny awkward and likely improve driven rants. His parents are also back for more, but thankfully this time around we're not forced to see their interactions over the course of the whole film. We only have a handful of scenes with them and their all-too-open relationship with one another and their son is sure to make you laugh.

And you can't have a good comedic delivery without decent acting. LaBeouf brings a performance you've come to expect at this point. He's likable, funny, and indeed believable. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makes her silver screen debut as Sam's girlfriend, and while she's not going to win any awards for her performance, I honestly had no major complaints or can recall a single delivery that made me cringe. The same holds true for everyone else.

The bad:

I couldn't help but feel like there were pacing issues. The entire first portion of the movie is dedicated to the premise that the space race was really in response to an Autobot ship that crashed on the moon. Sure, connecting a key part of the plot to a big event in history is interesting (a la X-Men: First Class), but far too much time was invested in having the audience re-live these past moments. This part could have taken up less time and generated an equal impact on the viewer. From there, we juggle between the chaos of Sam's life and the bigger events taking place before they finally connect. This wasn't done poorly, but it could have been handled in a better manner. Then when we finally reach the conclusion, it abruptly ends. I would have liked to see more of what happens after the massive war. But at the same time, it beats the polar opposite, which would be a 'LotR: Return of the King' ridiculously drawn out ending.

While I did say the overall comedic value was good, there were still hints of the overly immature humor 'Revenge of the Fallen' provided. I'm not one that shuns toilet humor, in fact, I love it. But right off the bat we're treated to one of the smaller Autobots ripping jokes about how hot Sam's new girlfriend is. Didn't we already see that in the last movie? Let's try not to re-use jokes. The Decepticons also have a few smaller minions who are just goofy and take away from the tone of those scenes. I just don't see a need for them.

I might be alone in this final complaint, but I've grown tired of Bay blatantly going "look at her! She's hot, right!?" The very first time we see Sam's new girlfriend, it's a close-up of her ass in underwear. Shortly after, we get assorted close ups and pans of her body just to show her off. I've never been outspoken about issues with gender in the media, but I didn't need to have her blatantly thrown in my face like that. I get it, she's hot. This isn't a case of more than meets the eye and we need these close-ups to remind us of her hotness. I can reach this same conclusion when she's in any scene. We don't need these blatantly perverted shots just to appeal to the younger teens watching the movie.


If you're a fan of the first film, you're going to love 'Dark of the Moon.' It's funny and delivers some of the best action sequences you'll see this summer. The second act is so damn good you're going to forget all about 'Revenge of the Fallen.' So what are you waiting for? Roll out to your local theater and enjoy this top-notch popcorn entertainment!


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Thanks for the review K4tz.

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loved it  it was bad ass raw

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You're welcome.  Did you see it yet or are you going to?
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Was gonna see it last night but had the girl over instead, and I was on the fence about it, so this convinced me.

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I'm still gonna wait for the dvd....too tramatized by the epic suck factor from the 2nd.

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I'm going to see it on Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to it. Already bought the Leader Class Ironhide and Voyager Shockwave for my collection ^_^

#8 Posted by k4tzm4n (34885 posts) - - Show Bio

Did you like the first?  If so, you shouldn't let the 2nd prevent you from watching this.

#9 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23238 posts) - - Show Bio
@k4tzm4n said:

Did you like the first?  If so, you shouldn't let the 2nd prevent you from watching this.

The first was a great action movie. Was it Citizen Kane? Of course not, but it was a solid film. People who write if off simply because it's not GEEWUN are douches. Usually they're the people who hate Beast Wars and Prime as well, which are just as good, if not better than G1 anyway.
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The first was awesome. Since the 3rd seems to redeem the trilogy ill go see it.

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@riri4life said:
I'm still gonna wait for the dvd....too tramatized by the epic suck factor from the 2nd.
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This movie is so bad it's insulting!! You'll only come out dumber than when you went in,lol!!

#13 Posted by k4tzm4n (34885 posts) - - Show Bio

I feel sorry for anyone who went into this expecting an intelligent movie...   
It's a popcorn flick, and it does an excellent job delivering in that respect.
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@k4tzm4n: this is a rubbish review...:p (na it's okay...I give you a 5...out of...5.)

#15 Posted by Jake Fury (19182 posts) - - Show Bio

Are the Dinobots in the movie?
#16 Posted by cattlebattle (13347 posts) - - Show Bio
@k4tzm4n said:
I feel sorry for anyone who went into this expecting an intelligent movie...    It's a popcorn flick, and it does an excellent job delivering in that respect.
Thats the problem with Critics like Ebert, They bash these movies for the fun of it apparently, This movie wasn't made to win an Oscar. It is what It's promoted as a summer action CGI fest
Great review man, Though I probably won't see it being I was never a big of the Transformers to begin with, obviously the first 2 movies didn't spark any interest that wasn't there in the first place
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Looking forward to see it now. Thanks for writing this awesome review

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I plan on writing more reviews, so I'll definitely be sure to share them with you guys after they're posted on the Ledger.  I also wrote a review for the Black Panther "Storm Hunter" arc.  Would anyone be interested in seeing that? 
You're very welcome. 
Thank you.  Indeed, it's sad when people trust reviewers who clearly have no interest/desire to watch the movie to begin with, lol.  It's created to be dumb fun and action packed...And it does just that. 
@Jake Fury: 
There's a pterodactyl decepticon.
@Final Arrow
LOL.  Thank you. 
Rubbish is my middle name 8-) 

#19 Posted by Jake Fury (19182 posts) - - Show Bio
@k4tzm4n said:
@Jake Fury: 
There's a pterodactyl decepticon.

I am so there.
#20 Posted by Mercy_ (91871 posts) - - Show Bio

@Jake Fury said:

@k4tzm4n said:
@Jake Fury:There's a pterodactyl decepticon.
I am so there.


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You can actually spot it in the trailers.  There's a back shot following it as it flies and shoots at a car.
#22 Posted by Jake Fury (19182 posts) - - Show Bio

Pterodactyls are awesome.
#23 Posted by k4tzm4n (34885 posts) - - Show Bio

It gets a fair amount of screen time.
#24 Posted by Jake Fury (19182 posts) - - Show Bio

Can I skip Part 2 and not be lost?
#25 Posted by k4tzm4n (34885 posts) - - Show Bio

Come to think of it, I'm sure anyone could dispute it's a vulture or other large bird. (especially after recalling a certain scene)
...But if saying it's a dino gets you to see it, then it's a dino :D

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@Jake Fury said:
Can I skip Part 2 and not be lost?

Yes, you can.
#27 Posted by Jake Fury (19182 posts) - - Show Bio

Ok so it could be Swoop... I'll go with that...

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