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Traktir is a genetically altered man created by the shadowy group known as Leviathan. He was part of a project to create super powered body guards for the rich and wealthy, but when Batman and Robin (Damian Wayne) find him in Yemen, he is one of the lone survivors of what looks to be a masacre, of all those tested on. Traktir sees Batman and mistakes him for The Heretic, calling him "Vampire Man!" and attacks him. He's able to hold his own against Batman until Batman points out he was trying to save the woman Traktir loves. Realizing that Batman isn't the man he though he was, Traktir stands down and disappears with the woman, but not before he warns Batman of The Heretic, saying they call him "Fatherless."

Traktir and Spydra later appear having found the birthplace of the Heretic. They inform Batwing of this, and suddenly an army of Man-Bats arrive. Batwing tells them to leave, however the refuse. They must stay and fight, this is their home.

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