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Trafalgar Law is a thin man with tanned skin. He often wears a yellow and black sweatshirt with his crew's Jolly Rodger on his chest. His sleeves are always rolled up, revealing tribal tattoos on his arms. He also has the letters D,E,T, and H tattooed on his right fingers, spelling Death without the A. Law says he is from the North Sea, specifically the North Blue. He wears the traditional Northern hat, but his has an animal print on it, along with his jeans. He has light shadows under both of is eyes, and he is always smiling a small smile. The only time he frowns is when people tell him what to do.


Prior to being a captain, he studied in medical school, but didn't want to pursue a career as a doctor. He decided to leave to become a pirate and get One Piece. He formed and leads the Heart Pirates, which consist of Bepo, a talking bear that is a master of martial arts, Jean Bart, a super-humanly strong escaped slave, and Trafalgar Law and and a couple others that we don't know of yet because his total crew is nine people. Like other pirate crews from the North, they don't use a skull and crossbones a their sign, but instead use a smiley face with a ring around it resembling a virus.


Law is a very carefree man, and can be almost always seen smiling. However, he gave another pirate the finger when he called Trafalgar rude, and casually asked another how many Marines he had killed. He also enjoys watching other people fight, as he thinks that other will battle over simple things. But, he is kind to other people, as shown when he offers Jean Bart a place on his crew because of him being an escaped slave. He is also respectful of Eustace Kidd, calling him "Mister Kidd" and helping him to take on a Pacifista. He is also reckless which makes him a more wanted target by the world government when in a fight. he is also blunt when comes to answering questions. When Jimbei asked what would happen to Luffy if he moved around to much when he gets to the island Law simply stated his wounds would open and he would die. He and Bepo are usually seen together and he sometimes has Bepo holding his long Japanese sword called a Nodachi.

Law has displayed a more competitive side about him in the anime where he, along with Kid and Luffy, got into a childish argument about who gets to take down the marines stationed just outside the Human Auctioning House when the three Supernovas came out to confront them. In contrast, he does not seem as eager to reach the New World as the other Supernova crews are, believing that One Piece will still be there regardless while the other crews fight amongst themselves, and that he needs to steal the throne "properly".

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Like the other Supernovas, he was first shown having arrived at the Archipelago with his crew before heading for the New World. He was the final Supernova to be introduced, seen sitting on a crate as X Drake, another Supernova, passed by after having broken up a fight between Urougw and Killer , before he asked how many people Drake had slain (in the anime, he was apparently on the scene moments before Drake appeared, clearly enjoying the fight between Urouge and Killer). Later, Eustass Kid observed him in the Auction House on Grove 1, where he revealed that what he had heard about Law was not very pleasant. Law replied with flipping him off, causing Kid to note that Law was lacking manners. As the auctioning continued, Law only observed in boredom.

After Luffy attacked one of the Nobles , he was seen smiling at the reckless action that his fellow Supernova had performed. A short while after, Law revealed to Luffy that the auction house was surrounded by Marines, since the Archipelago was so close to Marine Headquarters. Later, after Silevrs had knocked out the majority of the soldiers standing in the pirates way, he was seen still standing, along with his crew, the Straw-Hats, Kid, Killer, and their crew as well. After the Straw-Hats and Rayleigh prepared to leave the Auction House before the admiral would show up, Kid told Luffy and Law to stay back as he would hold off the Marine grunts, much to both Law's and Luffy's annoyance. Then, the trio demonstrated their powers to hold off the Marines, Law utilizing a field where he replaced a grunt's head with a cannon ball fired at him.

As the fight continued, Law was busy with switching around the Marine soldiers body parts in order to confuse them and beat them. Later, when the trio had defeated the first wave, Law noted that Luffy had shrunk due to the side-effects of Gear 3rd. After everyone had exited the Auction House, the Marines began a heavier assault on the pirates. At that moment, when Luffy proclaimed that he will be the one to find One Piece , Kid told Law and Luffy that the three would meet each other in the New World , to which Law only smiled. Then, as a bigger Marine grunt tried to attack him, he ordered his bear companion Bepo, to attack them, but he was done fighting. Before he exited the scene, he recruited Jean Bart a former slave into his crew, to which the captain accepted whole-heartedly, although Law told him that half of the thanks would have to go to Luffy. Afterward he and his crew make an escape but come across the Kid Pirates fighting a cyborg clone of Kuma . The cyborg Kuma attacks him with an energy blast but he manages to avoid it before he and Kid prepare to fight him.

Marineford Arc

During the war, Law and his crew were initially present on the Sabaody Archipelago where the broadcast of Ace's execution was being shown. He was presumably watching the events at aces execution unfold, along with his fellow Supernovas, as he ordered Bepo and Jean Bart to set sail immediately after the broadcast was cut.Towards the end of the battle, as Jinbei and Buggy fled the conflict with a critically injured Luffy, Law emerged from the ocean in his ship, a submarine. With Bepo and Jean Bart at his back, Law told Buggy that he is a doctor, and ordered him to hand over Luffy for medical treatment. He claimed that although Straw Hat may become an enemy of his in the future, Law would not allow that destiny to go unfulfilled by letting him die now.

As the war gets more intense, Law continues to tell Buggy to drop Luffy and Jinbei to his ship. Just as Buggy is about to, he is shot through his shoulder by Kizaru and throws them at Law's ship as he flees. As Jean Bart catches them he orders his crew to dive, but as soon as they're leaving, Kizaru shows up and tries to capture them. Luckily the distraction of Coby and the Red-Haired pirates allows them to leave the battle ground. But before his vessel could fully submerge, Buggy, who was convinced by Shanks to help return his hat back to Luffy , threw Luffy's signature hat at the submarines opening hatch right before Law sealed it off, and was promptly caught by Law. He then commenced to supervising Luffy and Jinbei's medical treatment while putting the Straw Hat on the side table, as the submarine is evading Akoiji s ice attacks and Kizaru's shooting light beams at them .

Powers and Abilities

Law is a fearsome pirate who, along with most of his crew, proved resistant to Rayleigh's burst of Haki that took out almost everyone in the Auction house. He has earned the nickname "Surgeon of Death" due to his medical prowess in addition to his formidable combat abilities

'Law is a skilled swordsman, and has knowledge in medical fields due to his study at medical school. He's eaten th Op-Op Devil Fruit transforming him into a free modify human. Allowing him to create a spherical territory, in which he can disassemble, reform, and telekineticly control matter. He can also cause other people to switch places in his field, as shown when he puts a Marine in the path of a cannonball shot at Bepo. Law can even teleport himself around the space he has opened up at will, even being able to swap out with something esle exchanging places. Anything within his area space of influence is his to control to a tee, Law often uses his sword as a makeshift scalple as to cleave people or the surroundings apart even from afar, while people being affected by the power are normally left unharmed and can easily be broght back together if their split parts have been properly realigned. The damages to the terrain within it are perminently altered and remain so long after the power has been diffused. The circles which form in his hands acts as an indicater to when he is activating his ROOM space as shown when he he and Kid are fighting the pacifista, or when Law fought agaisnt smoker and his mariens at Punk Hazard. While his territory is active law can accoplish other feets as well, including scanning the area similar to an X-ray, swap peoples minds and bodies completely and indefinately until cancled out - but still needing the proper proximity to and between hosts to reverse his doings, even boasting attacks and abilities operating without the neccessity of his ROOM. Such as the removal of hearts from individual bodies converting them into cubic containers making them vulnerable to harm; a critical skill as any unprotected vital organ (E.I. the human heart) can cause extreme pain when tampered with or intsant death if severely damaged. The Seocond is a static shock like burst of energy applied when both hands are pressed together agaistn an adversary knocking them out near instantly. He as the usual Devil Fruit users weakness of being unable to swim. Besides the standard faults, his DF power inquires a lot of concentration and focus on his part ot "operate" also constant use of the Room Field drains his stamina with each conjuring. Making Both him and the effectiveness of the space's influence weaker with every usage. Law has little patience for people he sees as small minded; when Luffy cared more about the fact that Law had a talking bear then the thousands of Marines outside, he became angry.

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