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Toyo Harada is the main antagonist of Harbinger and is considered the most powerful psychic on the Planet.

As usual if you think I've missed something - please let me know. I believe this is all of Toyo's combat-relevant showings.

Harbinger 0

  1. Toyo's abilities emerge as a child and he telepathically commands a mob

  2. The mob, as instructed completely stops all actions thanks to Toyo's command
  3. Toyo is still unaware of how his powers work at this point
  4. Despite that Toyo is able to explode a man's head when he tries to harm Toyo
  5. Toyo destroys two men's arms
  6. A soldier attempts to shoot Toyo at point blank range
  7. Toyo stops the bullet in mid air, disintegrates it and then the soldier. Later shows his ability to levitate and lift up and disintegrate two trucks all as a small child

Harbinger 1

  1. Toyo commands a group of soldiers to kill each other
  2. Toyo is able to scry Peter from across the country
  3. Toyo disguises himself as a dog and is able to communicate telepathically with Peter
  4. Toyo is able to project illusions into Peter's mind
  5. More illusions

Harbinger 2

  1. Toyo is credited as the most powerful psychic on the planet by the author
  2. Toyo commands a group of civilians to forgot what they've seen, transforms back into a human and flies away

Harbinger 4

  1. Toyo reveals he ages at a slower rate that normal humans

Harbinger 5

  1. Toyo is able to redirect the course of bullets fired at him from multiple directions

Harbinger 7

  1. Toyo can tank rockets from a helicopter (its not show on panel, but I believe its via force field)
  2. Toyo disintegrates a group of soldiers with his telekinesis

Harbinger 17

  1. Toyo is extremely resistant to fatigue, requiring only 24 hours of rest each month. In his current state he has not slept in 47 days and is still able to (barely) maintain a psychic coma over Peter

Harbinger 19

  1. As a result of his fatigue Toyo goes into what is called a Mind Squall, a very dangerous state of psyche
  2. Toyo loses control over Peter's coma and is sedated
  3. Thoughts are projected into other's brains as a result of the Squall
  4. Toyo causes death on a mass scale because of the Squall
  5. More death in masse
  6. Toyo causes a huge psychic explosion on the top level of HGC
  7. Toyo goes into what looks like a coma

Harbinger Wars 2

  1. Toyo directs bullets and shoots Bloodshot. Also disintegrates Bloodshot's skin of his face
  2. Toyo blasts Bloodshot into the air with a TK blast
  3. Toyo gets read of Bloodshot's nanites by transferring them to another psychic (and kills her)

Harbinger Wars 3

  1. Toyo is able to fly out of the atmosphere using a force shield

Bloodshot and HARD Corps 15

  1. Toyo blocks a fire attack from a HARD Corps member (I forget his name atm) and then rips his brain out of his head with TK

Unity 02

  1. Toyo is able to carry others with him in flight
  2. Toyo explodes a man's head and rips the guts out of another
  3. More head exploding
  4. Toyo blocks X-O Manowar's energy sword with his force field

Harbinger 20

  1. Toyo carrying two other people with him as he flies by two F-22 Raptors
  2. Toyo commands two soldiers to drop their guns and morphs his appearence

Unity 03

  1. Toyo holds back the water trying to pour into a ship (they're a mile under the ocean)
  2. Toyo blasts a hole in the ship
  3. Toyo creates a force field to protect himself, Ninjak and Gilad from the water and also heals them from surfacing too quickly
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@fallschirmjager: Great thread. Not enough people know the power that he has. I need to go through some of my books for possible other feats. One you might want to add is the effect of the mind squall when he didn't get the sleep he needed.

There may also be a couple in Unity 2.

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@cap10nate: Good call on the Squall and Unity feats. I added them in ;)

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Man this guy is awesome. Such epic power and great characterization.

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