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The New King Symbiote King ?

Therieos, not true

Toxin has been to the home planet of the sybiotes and has become there king, he leads an army of them to Earth and a war breaks out; during witch Venom, Hybrid and Justie are killed whilst fighting on earths side and Carnage is revived, he then combines with Toxin and the remains of Venom and Hybrid to become King Carnage.

The Sybiote army contines to attack Earth a even begin bonding to the humans J. Joanah Jamesson is the first to suffer this fate but not the last. Finally the X-Men reform and team up with Spider-Man, the Fantastic 4 (+2) and The Avengers and take down the sybiotes once and fo all, well almost......

Crimson Surfer

Venomus Wolverine

Captian Symbiote

The Punsier

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nice story but why should carnages name get top billin toxin did become king and hates the other symbiotes so while this si a nice fan-fic it doesn't support the facts well

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I agree.

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