Can Toxin Create weapons like Carnage ?

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can he make battle axes and such?

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Yes, he owns a factory in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. :) 
Toxin possesses the "unique" special abilities of his two symbiote predecessors; He can stick to walls, can change his identity to that of a completely different person and also has unlimited webbing. His suit is red from the abdomen up and blue from the abdomen down. Toxin can also blend in with its surroundings and become undetectably camouflaged, an ability he gained from his grandfather, and he can form solid weapons from his limbs, an ability first seen in his father. Toxin also seems to have some sort of quick-healing ability like his predecessors, as his wounds from his first battle with Razor Fist healed remarkably quickly. Unlike the others, Toxin can track anyone, not just other symbiotes or symbiote hosts, as long as he has something to begin from, within the entire city of New York and possibly further. 
Toxin (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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why dont people use him more? People dont seem to like the symbiotes past venom for the most part, i like Venom, Carnage and toxin but i dont like the others because they dont come out of the one offspring per symbiote rule.

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I'd use them, bring back the dead, and create new symbiotes. 
I'd like to use Doppleganger, Hydroman, Quicksand, Spidercide... I have many ideas.
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yep ppl keep forgetting about Venom other son Hybrid
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You need a new name. :p 
"The four symbiotes were Riot, Phage, Lasher, and Agony the offspring of Venom who were created by the Life Foundation. After their sister Scream and her host killed their hosts they were captured and sent to the vault. Scott Washington was one of the guards who worked at the Vault. While there he found out the four symbiotes were not evil and not a threat and decided to release them due to their pain from their captors experiments. As they escaped they merged into one entity now calling themselves Hybrid."   
Should they be separated again and a new symbiotes be born that looks like Hybrid? 
Sounds good to me.
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whoa whats wrong with my name
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I think he can do all the same, plus form poisons.  He also can probably form offspring with alternate powers like Venom or Carnage

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