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The team known as Toxic Mega Cunts first appeared in Kick-Ass 2 and was created by The Mother Fucker via Twitter.


Justice Forever was created by Mark Millar.

Team Evolution

Former and Current members:

  • The Mother Fucker
  • Mother Russia
  • Black Death
  • The Tumor

Major Story Arcs

Joining The Mother Fucker

Upon returned to the U.S. The Team's first mission was to killed Justice Forever leader, Colonel Stars. Later, The Mother Fucker and the Toxic Mega Cunts go looking for Katie's house and on the way, The Motherfucker asked two children where Katie lived and after they told him, the kids asked if Katie was a superhero but The Motherfucker blatantly said she "only fucks superheroes".He then pulled out two guns and murdering the two kids, shocking three super villains on his team. The Mother Fucker told his team to tear the place apart and they started killing everyone they saw while the Mother Fucker went into Katie's house.The Mother Fucker told Katie to send a message to Kick-Ass but Katie said she doesn't even know who Kick-Ass is. In a fit of rage The Motherfucker punched Katie and raped her.

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