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 Once trapped on the bottom of the sea by Thor, the Godstorm was accidentally freed by Jared Carstairs - also known as Weather-maker.  Captured and jailed by the Avengers, Carstairs attempted to escape by summoning a powerful storm.  What he unwittingly conjured was the Godstorm, the most powerful of all storms. 
Thor and Torrent battle.
Since the Godstorm itself was trapped beneath the Asgardian sea-floor, it infused Carstairs with not only it's power, but it's anger and hatred of Thor.  The result was Torrent, a powerful weather controlling brute.  Thor soon arrives to find Torrent wreaking havoc upon New York.  After an exhausting battle Thor hurls Mjolnir at the Godstorm vessel, creating a mystic vortex that carries both combatants to Asgard.  As they appear in the sky, Thor grabs Torrent and falls with him, driving him into the ground.
Although it is never shown or stated, the Godstorm's power leaves the body of Carstairs, presumably ousted after he was defeated.


Torrent's main ability is controlling the elements of the weather, thanks to the power of the Godstorm.    He is capable of firing projectile hurricanes which allow him to lift heavy objects, such as a gasoline tanker, and hurl them with ease.  These powerful winds also grant Torrent flight at high speeds, and the power to suffocate victims inside a vacuum.

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