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Moody, arrogant teen with superhuman speed and reflexes. He can spin so fast that he creates a miniature tornado around himself. He was tricked by Enthralla into fighting J2 before seeing the truth and helping him and the rest of the X-People defeat Enthralla. He has tried to match fighting styles with both Wild Thing and the Beast but has been able to fight either one of them. During the final battle between Seth and Spider-Girl, he was among several heroes to defeat the God of death during the final battle. Torque was also one of several heroes trying to fight off Galactus during his invasion of Earth.


Torque has the mutant power to travel at Hyper-Speed levels. These speeds are reached by torquing his body and creating cyclones around his body. Properly timed in conjunction with his feet, it produces the ability to travel at incredible speeds.

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