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First appearance of roman gladiator - Black Hawk, by Gerry Finley-Day and Azpiri. Also, the first part of a six week give-away poster (taking the full-colour centre-spread) entitled 'Tornado's Gallery of Heroes'. Featuring heroes from the past, present and future (illustrated by Carlos Ezquerra).

Cover: Black Hawk (Azpiri)

  • Black Hawk (part 1) (Gerry Finley-Day - Azpiri)
  • Wagner's Walk (part 4) (Pat Mills - Lozano)
  • Storm (part 2) (Scott Goodall - Musquera)
  • Tornado's Gallery of Heroes (centrespread poster) (part 1 of 6) (Roman Centurion - Viking Raider) (art: Carlos Ezquerra)
  • Victor Drago - Terror of Troll Island! (part 4) (Chris Lowder - Mike Dorey)
  • The Angry Planet (part 4) (Alan Hebden - Massimo Belardinelli)
  • The Mind of Wolfie Smith (part 4) (Tom Tully - Vanyo)
  • Captain Klep (part 4) (Dave Angus - Kevin O'Neill)

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