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 Torg reveals himself to Namor.
Torg, the Abominable Snow-King came from the depths of the Antarctic and caught the attention of Namor when he noticed cargo from shipping vessels drifting away during his swim home. Namor decided to investigate and saw a school of sea lions pushing ice floes into shipping vessels. The sea lions were taking the cargo to an underground cave and Namor would follow. Namor discovered stacks of cargo on one ice ledge and some survivors on the other side of the cave when the gargantuan Torg appeared. Torg planned to become the new emperor of the seas but Namor thought otherwise as he tried to defeat the leviathan. Namor could not escape from Torg's long grasp but the captives in the cave dwelling decided to help and started tackling and climbing the Antarctic Abomination's furry body. Namor was able to escape during the distraction while one survivor on the surface was able to contact a helicopter fleet with a SOS signal. Torg shook the humans off his body and surfaced above the ocean to look for Sub-Mariner. Torg was greeted by bullets from the copters so he submerged himself into the water. Namor contacted a helicopter pilot and told them where the survivors were located. Namor engaged with Torg once more when the helicopter pilots bombed his ice field and rescued the survivors. Namor led Torg to Byrrah's oil springs that were capped during a previous encounter and broke one of the pipes. Namor sprayed Torg with a tremendous amount of oil and headed back to the surface. Torg was completely drenched with oil and gave chase. When Torg resurfaced, the freezing air caused the oil on his body to congeal and solidify. Torg was unable to move and Namor toppled a massive iceberg on the behemoth. Torg was forced to return to the depths from which he came.


Torg was created by Bill Everett in 1972 and first appeared in Sub-Mariner # 55.

Story Arcs

  • Global Presence

 Torg invades Canada and is opposed by the Avengers.
Serestus was an Atlantean loyal to Attuma that used the Control Pearl to turn the Antarctic Abomination known as Torg into their mental slave. Kang announced that he would conquer the world and anyone that would claim territory in his name would have a rightful place in his new order. Attuma took his offer and attacked Prince Edward Island in Canada with Torg as their mental slave. The Avengers were split up into different units and the team of Jack of Hearts, Scarlet Witch, Hank Pym, Wasp and Triathlon dealt with Torg and the invading Attuma. Torg shrugged off most of the attacks from the Avengers and the Canadian Military Forces. Torg was relieved of his mental control when Triathlon removed the Control Pearl from the hands of Serestus. Torg was knocked back into the ocean by Jack of Hearts and Attuma's Atlantean army retreated.

Powers & Abilities

Torg possesses superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Torg can withstand the freezing temperatures of the Antarctic and has the capability to control some marine animals.

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