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Paul Gibney started off as an average high school football player. However, after wining a recent football game, the annoucement of Pearl Harbor being attacked was broadcasted on the radio. He enlisted himself to serve in the military and before he knows it he's part of a commando team in France. There they meet up with a resistence unit which both teams ended up being ambushed by the Germans. Paul escaped from the surprised attack and followed the Nazis back to a farmhouse where they are holding the survivors as prisoners. Paul stayed out of sight and was too afraid to act, until all of the POWs were interagated and killed. After the last prisoner was shot, Paul completely lost it and burst into the farmhouse like a mad man. When he came back to his senses he found all of the Nazis lying on the floor dead. The prisoner who got shot died in Paul Arms after telling Paul that his eyes were blazing in the battle like the torch of Lady Liberty. After the incident Paul went AWOL believeing his old life was dead. He went under a new alias as the Torch of Liberty. As a super hero, he helped the war effort by fighting the Axis Powers, & freeing POWs.

Major Story Arcs


Seed of Destruction

In December 1944, The Torch of Liberty recieved word that the Nazis are in the final stages of Project Ragna Rok. He accompanyed the U.S. Army being lead by First Sargent George Whitman under orders to lead the team to village of East Bromwich in the English Midlands. The village is believed to be the place where the Nazis will conduct their project. Along with the U.S. Army, the Torch was also accompanyed with three paranormal officals named: Prof. Malcolm Frost, Prof. Trevor Bruttenholm, & Lady Cynthia Eden-Jones. Lady Cynthia is the group psychic and is senses that something terrible will occur at a ruined church located in the village. Upon visiting the ruined church, a large beam of light was about to come straight down on Lady Cynthia. The Torch immediately pushed her out of the spot in which she would of die on. After the beam of light struck the the center of the church, a small demon appeared. Prof. Frost believed the deomn was here to kill them all and emanded that someone were to shoot it. The Torch however didn't find the demon to be dangerous, while Lady Cynthia commented that the creature looks like a boy. Upon hearing her comment, Prof. Bruttenholm dubbed the creature's name as Hellboy and befriends the creature rather than killing it. Soon after the encounter, a group photo was taken where the Torch can be seen in the back row of the photo that was developed afterwards. Sometime later when Hellboy got older, the Torch taught him some marksmenship. During the training sessions, the Torch remarked Hellboy to be the worst shot he ever trained.

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