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Tora No Shi's name means Tiger of Death. He likes his hits be as colorful and destructive as possible, he often uses high-explosives and his spectacular swordplay.

Tora was first seen in New York when he was hired by Yakuza, to hit police department. Next job on the list was Italians, specifically Jackie Estacado. Then he was needed to hit Yakuza, closing the circle. In a fight orchestrated by Bruce Wilder, Tora dies by Ian Nottingham hands.

Next time he's seen resurrected by Sonatine. Then he is recruited by Yakuza to hit Italians. He again clashes with Ian Nottingham, and this time Tora kills him. But Ian is soon resurrected by Excalibur. During the battle between himself and Nottingham they are described as two different people. Tora No Shi is someone who kills and murders anyone including innocents to get the job done while Ian is more of a mercenary only harming those who need to be and maintaining a moral code and honor. Ian has Tora No Shi defeated during their second fight by relents and shows Tora No Shi some mercy. In return, Tora attacks Ian from behind and stabs him in the stomach.

Walking away from Ian, Tora No Shi attempts to murder Kenneth Irons at Cautly Towers in NYC. Kenneth Irons evades Tora's first attack when Nottingham appears. A fight ensues, this time ending badly for Tora No Shi. Sara Pezzini, bearer of the Witchblade arrives at Cautly Towers and finds a defeated Tora No Shi on the floor. Kenneth Irons offers Tora as criminal who was behind the attacks on various mafia and yakuza bosses in the city. Sara does not make the arrest

With Tora No Shi beaten, Kenneth Irons then takes him in as a personal bodyguard and servant. Tora goes through the process of being implemented and received transfusions, chemical baths, incantations, and Ta Moka, thus attempting to improve him. Still he is no match for Ian Nottingham, when he comes to exact revenge on Kenneth Irons, but he is defeated easily and killed by Ian.

Tora No Shi is the first one voted off during Top Cow's 'Deathpool' storyline for the Witchblade comic from issues 70-75 of Witchblade. According to Top Cow, Tora received the greatest amount of votes to die.

Tora No Shi makes cameo appearances in Witchblade 100 and 150, during flashback and reflection moments. He has not made an appearance since the rebirth of the Top Cow universe following the events of Artifacts.

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