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Tor-An was a Phantom Zone criminal that escaped and attempted to seduce Supergirl into marriage as revenge on Superman. While in Midvale, he took the name Michael Barnes and worked as a high school teacher. He was exiled there for preforming forbidden experiments in mind transference. He was created by Leo Dorfman and Jim Mooney.


Tor-An was a Kryptonian criminal sentenced to the Phantom Zone prior to Krypton's destruction, making him one of the few surviving members of that race. During his stay in the Zone, he became a trusted ally of General Zod.

Along with six others, Tor-An was covertly sent from the Phantom Zone to Earth as part of a conspiracy formulated by Zod. He assumed the human identity of David Carter and became the CEO of a company called Empire Communication Network based in Sydney, Australia. He appeared set on using his company to inflame the tension between humans and Kryptonians that erupted after Kandor was returned to its true size.

Returned to prison

Tor-An was attacked by Flamebird and Nightwing eighteen months into his cover. He was shocked that anyone could possibly know who and what he truly was, not recognizing right away that he faced two other Kryptonians until it was too late. Flamebird captured him with a device based on Brainiac's shrinking technology and secured him in a miniaturized prison at the Fortress of Solitude.

He did not remain imprisoned for long, and Ursa freed him after Nightwing and Flamebird fled the Fortress of Solitude. The sad truth was that he was better off imprisoned, because his capture was not taken lightly by Ursa. She slit his throat with her Kryptonite knife, killing him.

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