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Spanning light years across, the Topographical Man is the opposite of life and devours all forms of life energy through beings known as Karanada. He is described as infinitely old, immeasurable powerful and insatiably hungry. Grasping a star in each hand, the Topographical Man is also the home to the billions of souls he has taken. His body is covered in mountains, deserts and oceans.

Upon arriving in the Milky Way galaxy, the Guardians of the Galaxy investigated and were eventually consumed by a Karanada. Once on the Topographical Man, they ventured to the Convent of Living Fire. Led by Mother Superior, they were the key to saving their galaxy from his never-ending hunger. Performing a sacred ritual, Nikki transcended her body and joined wills with Vance Astro. Together they awakened the Topographical Man and caused it to feel love, the affirmation of its own opposite, which caused him to disintegrate.

A new star remained in the place where the giant once was.

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