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Tony Finch was famous for one only reason: ha had upsed the Joker once and when the Joker went to kill him, Tony literally piss himself off when he was beging for his life, making the Joker laugh at him. and pardoning him. However the scene became an urban legend and everyone mocking Tony from his back.

However the resentful Tony wanted to prove he was someone to be taken seriously had the chance to find a H-Dial than tranforms him into a supervillian. Using the dial Tony could gain some fame and power but still he was mocked by his fiancee and his underlings. Betrayed by his bodyguard and his fiancee, Tony surrunder to the police, who declared him a supermenace and jailed him in Arkham among his kind.

Tony had a last chance to use the dial when the Super serial killer tried to recruit him against Robbie Reed and his team. However Tony used his renewed powers to give Robbie and his partners time enough to stop the enemy.

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