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Toni Gayle was a fashion model who freelanced as a “mystery solver and crime buster” who was as home on the trail of gangsters and smugglers as she was on the catwalk.

A competent sleuth, Toni was an excellent shot, and remarkably fearless, at one point diving into the ocean and taking on a great white shark with only a knife

Later however she apparently found she had to finish high school, where upon she changed her last name to Gay and ended her side career in the pursuit of crime and / or evil. Becoming in fact a bit of an airhead!

Toni Gayle was one of the almost completely forgotten backup features in the completely forgotten Young King Cole and Guns against Gangsters Comics, later when those comics and attendant characters folded Toni found new life in first in School Days Romance, then in POPular Teenagers Comics, where after the first 3 issues they dropped the “le” from her name and gave her a side kick / boyfriend named (I kid you not) Butch Dikeman, while the mysteries and crime busting part of her life was forgotten.

It is unknown who wrote the character, however the art, during her crime fighting days, was supplied by Janice Valleau, one of the few female comic artist during the 40’s and 50’s.    

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