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Tomonori has always been a shy boy due to his short stature. Even compared to girls he was short. One day, he accidentally dropped his camera. When he went to check it, he had found it took a picture up the skirt of the six foot tall Hikaru Ohno. She wasn't wearing panties, and she had a sex toy inside herself. He revealed this to Hikaru after class, and he boldly asked for sex in return for keeping this secret. He regretted his actions right away, but Hikaru quickly agreed without protest before he could take back his words.

The two began to have wild sex that got more adventurous. The pleasure overcoming the timid young man's guilt. His conscious eventually won out. He apologized to Hikaru and promised to end it. He was surprised when she she told him that she had feelings for him long before his attempted blackmail. She had never said no to anything he requested, becasue she wanted to. As a joke, she threatened to tell everyone what he did if he ever tried to leave her again. That was just the beginning for these two.


Take On Me Vol. 1 JPN (Jul 2004)

Tomonori Tsuda (津田 知憲, Tsuda Tomonori) is the protagonist of the manga series Take On Me that was created by Sessyu Takemura. It originally began publication by Core Magazine's Megastore Comics in 2004. When the U.S. publisher Eros Comix released the first volume in English in 2007. The title was changed to Domin-8 Me.

His first appearance was in Take On Me Volume 1 CH. 1 "Knockin' On Heavens Door".

Character Evolution

A short, virginal photography nerd whose accidental naked upskirt snapshot catapults him into a world of pussy!

Tomonori Tsuda first appearance

Tomonori's appearance in the original first chapter was of a young man with a much more mousy and timid appearance. His face was much more rounded and he had a lighter colored hair. By chapter two, he was given black hair with a new style. Though his appearance seemed more matured, his standard short height remained the sane,

Major Story Arcs

Powers & Abilities

Other Media

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