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Tommy Watts was created by America's Got Powers writer Jonathan Ross and artist Bryan Hitch.


Tommy Watts was born just after a glowing Crystal had landed in San Francisco, which granted the contestants of America's Got Powers their abilities. Unlike his twin brother Bobby, Tommy has no powers which leads to him being declared the 'Zero' of all the super teens. After the death of his brother, Tommy being unable to compete has been placed to work at the merchandising store of the Powers Arena. In the new season of America's Got Powers, the Paladins are ruthless as ever and in the first match it eventually leads to the endangering of the Civilians lives, one being Baxter, a kid that Tommy had been generous to and gave a Quarterback action figure. Tommy rushed to his rescue, even though he had no powers and was placing himself at risk. Just as the Tommy, Baxter and Quarterback, who came to their rescue to no avail, were about to be killed, something miraculous happened. Tommy's hand started to glow, which took out every Paladin in the arena. Eventually Tommy is given new quarters to live in because of what happened in the previous fight, it is Syell and the Governments way of persuading him to take part in the next fight, to which he is against because of a promise he made to his Mother.

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