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Little is known of the past of Twenty-Man Tommy or his sister Voodoo Doll(Sadie) despite they would be allied to an independent covert operations team of Gen-Actives allied to their leader, Nate, and cooperated with Trauma Queen (Leslie).

Twenty-Man Tommy would meet with Gen-13 at an upstairs hotel party area in the Los Angeles area Hyatt Hotel introduced by Trauma Queen in her prior acts of saving Burnout while fighting a pair of Gen-Active criminals attempting to rob a banker from a private jet. With Burnout companied with Fairchild, Freefall, Rainmaker and Grunge- the team hit off well. Upon later, retaliating Gen-Active criminal telepaths would lead the six Gen-Actives into a metahuman brawl due to psychic rage tampering to their minds. Twenty-Man Tommy would come to battle Grunge, Freefall, and Burnout on separate measures only to later overcome the persons responsible. Tommy would later challenge Grunge to a sport of "ferretlegging" involving ferrets tied into their pants for duration until one chickens out from bodily harm by the ferret- Grunge would win by cheating as to turn his torso into metal.

An imaginary story would later involve Twenty-Man Tommy in acting as a video game and trivia rival against Grunge before they head for a movie, later on the moment would become a "dreamtime" memory for Fairchild following her and Gen-13's evaporation as fuel to a Gen-Active bomb devised by a criminally programmed Anna. Twenty-Man Tommy would have some particular likings towards Freefall.

Effects of the Gen-Bomb would have Twenty-Man Tommy set to stop a gravitational disaster and hurricane in Los Angeles as he and his team set to find an I.O. device to counteract the Gen-Active disaster on California only to succeed.

As of said writing, Twenty-Man Tommy has not resurfaced in comics since 2002.

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