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         Laurie: There's nothing to be scared of. 
           Tommy: Are you sure? 
             (Laurie nods) 
               Tommy: How? 
                  Laurie: I killed him ... 
                    Tommy: But you can't kill the boogie man. 
                                                    - Halloween (1978).

Tommy in the Halloween Franchise

Tommy Doyle and Lindsay Wallace

As a child, the eight year old Tommy Doyle, victim of bullying, was always afraid of the ‘’Boogeyman’’. The nigh of Halloween of 1978 he, Laurie Strode and his friend Lindsay Wallace were attacked by the insane Michael Myers, having  a whole night of terror by the shape who he claimed was the Boogeyman. All of them survived the murderers thanks to Michael´s former psychiatrist Doctor Sam Loomis but that fear followed them the rest of their lives.

Sixteen years later, as an adult, after an insane growing obsession, the now 25 year old Tommy Doyle crossed ways once again with Michael, after took Michael’s grandnephew in the bus station. Doyle joined Loomis to defeat Myers and after discover some answers to Michael’s past (linked to a druidic cult) and ‘’defeat’’ him, he left Loomis who had unfinished business with Michael and escaped with the baby, Kara and Danny Strode.

Haunted by memories

In 2000, stilling being haunted by the memory of the serial killer, Tommy wanted to write a book about Michael and obtained the diaries of Dr. Loomis where Loomis related his first years with the young Michael. While he was reading them he was attacked by Michael. 

Michael escaped and Doyle tried to follow him but he only found former Haddonfield Sheriff, Leigh Brackett. After a little chat they were captured by the druidic cult who used to help Michael by covering him. Michael found them and killed Brackett but the police blamed Tommy and sent him to Smith´s Grove-Warren County Sanatorium, the same insane asylum where Michael´s evil blossomed.

Old friends

One year later Tommy, who was beginning to become a little crazy, escaped before he were sacrificed. Then he met Lindsay Wallace, his old friend who with him and Laurie survived that night back in 1978. She was now a reporter and was searching the true story of Michael Myers who last year was ´´decapitated´´ by Laurie Strode.

They were attacked and in the Myers House after Tommy saved Lindsay, they discovered that he really was Laurie Strode who was disappeared. Laurie attacked Tommy and they both fell from the second floor.

Thomas Doyle in 2005

Tommy survived that fall and in 2005 he had moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. He had became in a comic book artist, married a woman named Tina and had a son named Jamie.



Other Media


Tommy in Halloween (1978) 

Halloween (1978)

Tommy Doyle first appeared in the original Halloween played by the young actor Brian Andrews.

Halloween (1981)

Tommy made a cameo in the sequel of Halloween played again by Brian Andrews. 

 Tommy in The Return of Michael Myers

Halloween: The Return of Michael Myers

Tommy appeared in Halloween: The Return of Michael Myers as a minor character played by Danny Ray. 


Tommy in The Curse of Michael Myers 

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Tommy appeared as a main character in the 5th Halloween movie, this time played by Paul Rudd. 


 Tommy in the Halloween Remake

Halloween (2007).

 Tommy appeared in Rob Zombie's Halloween played by the child actor Skyler Gisondo.    

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