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Tommi Ryder played a dangerous game. She gave up a promising career in international fashion to become a high-powered criminal lawyer. In her investigations of international terrorist Saddam Hopper, she managed to get a tape conversations which would likely be able to put Hopper behind bars for the rest of his life. She didn't know who sent the tape, but she knew that as long as it was in her possession, she would never be safe.

During an attempted attack by Hopper's people, she was rescued by Cal Hicks, a hair-trigger cop one mistake away from suspension. They stole a helicopter and made their escape, but the copter went down in the swamps near the Texas-Louisiana border. Hopper's people were after them, and even worse, Hicks was convinced that he was in love with Tommi.

They were found by two locals, Jody and T.C.. The two of them were out enjoying the day after Jody won some money by beating a gorilla to death, and Jody thought Tommi was pretty enough to keep around for a while. They ended up having sex the first night in the bayou, much to the consternation of Hicks, who turned out to be impotent.

Tommi and Hicks were captured by Hopper, who tortured Hicks. They were saved, however, by Jody and TC, who proceeded to kill all of Hopper's men and then Hopper himself.

In the end, Tommi decided to stay with Jody, leaving Hicks in the swamp to get eaten by the alligators.

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