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His first work as a comic writer was in the fanzine BUCK, illustrated by Thierry Groensteen. He later gave up his studies in animation, graphic communication and journalism to focus on comic books. After working as an assitant, he works with Janry in "Spirou". In 1981, Janry and Tome take over "Spirou et Fantasio" and six years later create "Le petit Spirou". At this time he gives up drawing and focus on the writing. He writes the 12 issues of "Soda", 2 with Warnant as artist, the rest with Bruno Gazzotti. Then he works with Darasse in "Gang Mazda". In 1991, he writes "Sur la route de Selma" and starts working in his trilogy: "Berceuse assassine". Gradually, his style has been evolving into more dramatique and serious themes and atmospheres. This can be noticed even in "Spirou", wich turns into a more thrilling style, still with collaboration of artist Janry. 
He has said that sometimes he writes even four storylines at the same time. He uses his travels to get inspiration for his future stories, except for "Le petit Spirou", wich is based on his daughter Zoe and his own childhood.

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