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Zhered-Na's prophecies, transcribed by her disciples in this tome, reveal secrets about two spirit worlds at opposite ends of infinity, Therea and Sominus. It foretold the demonic invasion of Earth that occurred in 1973, and predicted that the Man-Thing would be the world's savior.
The tome also purportedly reveals the location of the Nexus of All Realities
This tome is protected by an enchantment which only allows one of the Kale lineage to retrieve and use it, assisted everytime by a representative from both divinity and underworld. If this rule is not respected, then the Hellphyr will manifest.
The tome has a tendency to disappear into other dimensions by itself.
Compared to the Darkhold or the Tome of the Vishanti, the Tome of Zhered-na is much less powerful, however Doctor Strange is known to have claimed that it is really powerful and could unleash an unstoppable force, possibly the Hellphyr.

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