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Born in Harlem, New York City. Lonnie Thompson Lincoln didn’t have a normal life growing up as a child because of his albino appearance. Constantly bullied by other children, this eventually led Lonnie to take the wrong path in life, as he grew bigger and used his appearance to bully other small children during high school. Aside from his intimidating appearance, Lonnie was basically a loner and a miscreant who forced protection money from other children in school. However Lonnie would find only one student who displayed any kindness towards Lonnie, who was known to be the high school’s editor Joe Robertson. But eventually Robertson would show his loyalty for his position and write an article about Lonnie’s activities within school. Feeling betrayed and angered, Lonnie confronted Robertson and intimidated him into pulling the article.

After high school, Lonnie steered further down the wrong path as he built himself into a life of crime. After filing his nails and teeth to points, damaging his vocal cords, trained to peak physical strength, and engaged within several street fights to build his fighting skills, Lonnie finally landed a job with major crime bosses and gang lords as an assassin after nicknaming himself Tombstone. Eight years later, Lonnie would encounter Robertson once more who was now working for the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper company. Upon receiving a tip of the recent murder of a local crime boss from an informant known as Isadore Kipper, Robertson would accidentally meet Lonnie who murdered the informant before he could mention anything to Robertson. With Robertson witnessing the scene, Lonnie threatened Robertson if he reported anything that he just saw. Keeping this incident as a secret, both Lonnie and Robertson went separate ways once more as Robertson moved to New York to work as Editor-in-Chief with the Daily Bugle and was forced to hold a secret for over twenty years.


Tombstone was created by writer Gerry Conway and artist Alex Saviuk. He would make his first debut in Spiderman's third ongoing series Web of Spiderman #36. When Tombstone first appeared, he acted as a supporting character that was secretly connected to Joe Robertson and who would be developed into a Spiderman villain later on. Tombstone would make his very first cover appearance in Spectacular Spiderman #139.

Major Story Arcs

Grave Memory

Even though Tombstone had no real powers or superhuman strength, he still proved to be a dangerous opponent for Spiderman.

Lonnie’s criminal career proved successful and quickly gained a striking reputation as a dangerous figure within the criminal underground. Realizing the organized crime within New York City, Lonnie found employment there within the Kingpin’s (Wilson Fisk) criminal empire. Strictly working through Fisk’s employer known as the Arranger. Acting as an enforcer for the Arranger, he would give Lonnie various tasks, including kidnapping the mutant known as Roland Rayburn. Ironically both Tombstone and Robertson would meet once more after the Daily Bugle editor learned that Lonnie was now residing within New York City. After harboring guilt of not being able to expose Lonnie’s criminal actions, Robertson foolishly anticipated a citizen’s arrest on Lonnie. Robertson was brutally attacked and nearly paralyzed by Lonnie, who ensured that his former friend wouldn’t do anything else stupid. With Robertson secretly recording his violent encounter with Lonnie, he finally had the evidence to have Lonnie pay for his crimes and handed the recording tape to Peter Parker for safe-keeping.

Realizing Robertson’s secret plan and that Peter Parker now possessed the tape, Lonnie threatened Robertson by endangering his family if the tape ever reaches the authorities. Elsewhere, the vigilante known as Punisher would learn of this tape and the situation, which sent him on a hunt against Tombstone and end up battling against and killing Roland who took the costume name known as Persuader. With Lonnie stalking and injuring Parker’s wife Mary Jane, Spiderman tracked Lonnie down and defeated the criminal before leaving him to the authorities. After learning of what happened with Lonnie, Robertson turned in the tape recording as evidence for Lonnie’s crimes and see to it that Lonnie fully paid for all his crimes and the murder of the informant twenty years ago, Isadore Kipper.

As Robertson fully recovered and believed that he saw the last of Lonnie, matters would turn for the worst when Lonnie confessed to the murder of Kipper and stated that Robertson was an accomplice to the murder as well. With little evidence supporting Robertson’s defense and the fact that he was at the scene of the crime, Robertson would be found guilty and sentenced to Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary. With Lonnie aware of Robertson’s situation, he managed to be transferred to the same prison with Robertson and share a cell that’s next to Robertson’s. Knowing that his current situation was much worse with Lonnie next to him, Robertson desperately sought out protection from a fellow inmate known as the Bruiser. With Bruiser successfully protecting Robertson from Lonnie and fending off against Lonnies hired goons, Tombstone and a handful of henchmen would singly take on Bruiser and murder Robertson’s only means of protection. Forcing Robertson into working for him, Lonnie secretly had a portion of guards and staff working for him and planned on both gaining revenge against Spiderman and escaping. Knowing that both Spiderman and Robertson were good friends, Lonnie forced Robertson into having Spiderman secretly visit him in prison. With the Webslinger doing so, Spiderman would find that he was led into a trap as Tombstone quickly attacked Spiderman and forced Robertson to inject his friend a virus that weakened the hero. Chaining Spiderman to a wall, Lonnie violently beat Spiderman relentlessly as Robertson painfully watched. With two escape helicopters approaching the prison and the prison alarm was sound, Lonnie used the drugged hero as a hostage and forced Robby into escaping with him. With Spiderman almost learning who Tombstone’s outside employer was, he managed to regain enough strength to fend off Tombstone’s goons, but was unsuccessful on preventing Lonnie’s escape and saving Robertson from his clutches. With Robertson realizing that the lack of courage wasn’t making anything better, he finally threw himself at Lonnie within the helicopter as both men fell to their death in a secluded area within the woods.

Both Lonnie and Robertson managed to survive the fall and were taken to an Amish farm to be nursed back to health. With Robertson’s family and Spiderman trying to locate his friend, Robertson’s leg healed and was back to normal health. Yet so was Lonnie who was waiting for the right moment to kill Robertson for what he did. Finally attacking Robertson, Lonnie would be surprised as to how Robby defended himself with a pitchfork and stabbed Lonnie in the chest with it. Leaving Robby as he walked away to find his wounds to be healed, both men would finally depart and Robertson would finally return to his family and be pardoned for his crimes upon learning the nature of the incident. Elsewhere, Lonnie returned to his secret employer, who was Hammerhead as the enforcer planned for his next attack against both Robertson and Spiderman,

Tombstone's Territory

Hammerhead had Lonnie law low for a while because of his wanted status and had a contract against Robertson that was given to Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale). Upon learning this, Lonnie was angered that Hammerhead cheated Lonnie from a death that was rightfully his and secretly went to foil Hobgoblin’s attempts against Robertson. Aside from Lonnie’s efforts, Hobgoblin still proved incapable of killing Robby. Upon learning of a new chemical known as Diox-3 was being produced at Oscorp, Hammerhead thought that this chemical could be successfully used in a cocaine trade. Sending Lonnie to pressure and blackmail Molten Man who was formerly a villain and an Oscorp employee to help Lonnie obtain the chemical, Molten Man would secretly betray Lonnie as he told Spiderman of Lonnie’s attempts and help him take down Lonnie and his hired goons. When Robertson learned of this, he also showed up to Oscorp with the intent of having Lonnie pay for his crimes. As both Molten Man, Spiderman, and unexpectedly Green Goblin (Harry Osborn) showed up and defeated Lonnies henchmen, Lonnie was attacked and shot be Robertson as he staggered into a chamber that carried the Diox-3. Incased within the chamber, the chemicals were released as Lonnie suffered from the violent effects as it bonded and merged into his physiology. Believing Lonnie was dead; Spiderman, Molten Man, Green Goblin, and Robertson would learn that Lonnie escaped the chamber after creating a massive hole within it.

Still recovering from the incident and wandering aimlessly in the streets, Lonnie would be attacked by a handful of street thugs. Yet Lonnie would easily and quickly defeat the thugs as he learned of his newfound abilities of being impervious to injury and gaining increased strength. Lonnie realized the potential of his newfound capabilities and as took pride within them as he quickly visited his employer and brutally beat him for his incompetence as a crime lord. Leaving Hammerhead barely alive, Lonnie quickly took over Hammerheads operation and decided have one final meeting with Robertson. Contacting Robertson, the unsuspecting editor bravely met Lonnie at Hammerheads mansion and would find Lonnie thanking Robby rather than trying kill him out of revenge. Thankful for Robby being responsible for his gained abilities, Lonnie dropped his vendetta against Robby and decide to leave him alone.

But Lonnie would be attacked by Spiderman who followed Robertson and found himself struggling against Lonnie because of his new abilities. With Lonnie displaying pride for his hardened body and increased strength, Hammerhead managed to break free from his restraints and attack Lonnie with a machinegun. As Lonnie stood there taking the storm of bullets from Hammerhead, he would accidentally rupture a gas tank behind Lonnie that caused a massive explosion. With Lonnie completely engulfed within the flames, everybody believed that was the last time they saw Tombstone and was convinced that he died in the explosion.

The Competition for Assassin's

Believed to be dead, Lonnie managed to survive the blast and later found himself seeking new employment with the ninja cult known as the Hand. Taskmaster would also participate within the Hands activities that also gave the cult an idea for a competition between Taskmaster and Tombstone for an assassination position. As both criminals went on a murder spree, they eventually would capture the attention of both Daredevil and Punisher. With Daredevil trying to prevent Punisher from killing both criminals and stop their murder spree, Tombstone would find himself going against the Punisher on a speeding bus while Taskmaster and Daredevil were fighting each other in the streets. After luring Taskmaster into being hit by a vehicle, both Tombstone and Punisher managed to escape the scene. Yet Tombstone still pursued the competition and planned on making one last kill the City Cultural Affairs Commissioner at a circus, as Punisher still pursued on taking out Tombstone once and for all. Even though Daredevil managed to foil both Tombstone’s and the Punisher’s plans, Tombstone would later learn the true values of being with the Hand and left the group to pursue his criminal ways elsewhere.

Heart of the Hawk

Upon learning of a new costume hero known as Darkhawk, Lonnie would believe that the amulet on Darkhawk’s chest would grant Tombstone powers. Tracking down and viciously attacking Darkhawk, Tombstone ripped the amulet right off of Darkhawk’s chest. Still alive from the encounter, Darkhawk was rescued by an elderly man who was formerly a Darkhawk himself and managed to flee from Tombstone. Caring less about Darkhawk’s fate, Tombstone went about on trying to find help on how to use the amulet’s power. Going to both a fortune teller and a Hand member to assist Tombstone on using the amulet’s power proved unsuccessful, but activated a signal to Darkhawk who was handling problems against Venom elsewhere. Tracking the signal to Tombstone’s current position, the hero fought Tombstone once more and reclaimed his amulet after defeating him.


Tombstone next relocated to Chicago and was hired by Hardcore to participate alongside a short-lived group that consisted Kickback and Nitro. Hired by Hardcore to kidnap North Dakota for reasons of gaining info on Luke Cage, they first used terror tactics against North Dakota by blowing up the Chicago Spectator building. Even though Tombstone didn’t fare better against Cage, he still managed to deliver North to Hardcore. As both Cage and Punisher pursued the group, the group forced the unstable Nitro off the team as Kickback grew sympathetic for North and delivered her back to Cage after Hardcore got what he wanted from her. After the group broke up, Tombstone next offered his services with Maggia and ironically was working alongside with a former enemy known as Hammerhead.

Dead Man's Hand

After the downfall of the Kingpin, a summit known as “Dead Man’s Hand” was trying to divide his empire among various criminal organizations. Taking place in Las Vegas, Tombstone and Hammerhead both of whom represented Maggia, participated among the summit. Not only did the summit lost control as Tombstone was disgusted as to how the other organizations were unprofessional, but also attracted the Punisher, Daredevil, and Nomad. With each vigilante attacking the participants with their own agenda, Tombstone would find himself battling against the Hand and was convinced to spare the life of the cult’s greatest warrior known as Izanami. After the incident, both Tombstone and Hammerhead left Las Vegas and hid in Lake Tahoe. Hammerhead would later fall victim to another brutal beating by Tombstone for reasons of reaching the ranks within Maggia.


Tombstone next made an appearance to the Advance Idea Mechanics (AIM) Weapons Expo on Boca Caliente. It was unclear if Tombstone was still working with Maggia or not, but he still acted as a crimeboss that did manage to gain some attention within the criminal underground. Upon returning to New York, Tombstone began to find several of his gangs under attack by a super-powered psychotic madman known as Deadzone. Even though Moon Knight was already on Deadzone’s trail, the vigilante would use Tombstone as bait to lure Deadzone out while being disguised as Tombstone’s personal limo driver. With Moon Knight managing to knockout the madman, Tombstone personally thanked the vigilante for helping him on ridding the threat against him and his gangs. Attempting on murdering Deadzone while he was unconscious, Moon Knight interrupted Tombstone from killing him before the madman came to conscious and viscously attacked both Tombstone and Moon Knight. As both Moon Knight and Deadzone battled once more, Tombstone escaped the scene with his limo, leaving both men to their own fate.

Death by Tombstone

Re-outfitting himself and much more built, Tombstone next tried to join the ranks of the New York City council of bosses that was ran by Nick Kaska. Unimpressed with Tombstone, Kaska denied his membership. Enraged by Kaska’s disapproval, Tombstone assaulted and destroyed a club that was owned by Kaska. Believed to be unconscious from the incident after taking damage from a gas leak explosion, Tombstone hijacked the ambulance that was carrying him off the scene and return to Kaska in hopes that his actions intimidated him into approving Tombstone’s application. Yet, Kaska would still deny Tombstone’s application and cared less for threats or any type of intimidating tactics. Seeing how Tombstone was both desperate and enraged, Kaska decided to offer Tombstone a deal for his membership by killing and proving that Spiderman died. Doing so, Tombstone tracked the Web-slinger as both men fought each other in a grueling match that took itself into the river. Still fighting underneath the water, Tombstone nearly drowned Spiderman and also managed to get his battered mask. Believing that the hero drowned and sank to the bottom, Tombstone was unaware that Spiderman survived and managed to follow Tombstone to Kaska. Believing that Tombstone was lying and cheated his bargain, Kaska ultimately denied Tombstone his chances of membership. Tombstone would finally lose control and hurl Kaska out the window of his building only to be saved by Spiderman. Facing Spiderman once more, Tombstone would ultimately be defeated by Spiderman after the hero managed to hit him so hard to where he was knocked out. With Tombstone detained and returned to prison, he was still planning his steps among the criminal underworld as he managed to rebuild himself as a crimeboss once more after successfully escaping.

Family and Punishment

Tombstone attempted to regain his criminal organization after escaping prison by simply hijacking an armored truck. Capturing the attention of Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), the new hero managed to take down Tombstone and foil his attempt. Tombstone next made another attempt for his climb within the criminal underground by sending his right-hand man known as Steve Marlow to assassinate the New York City’s police chief. As Marlow managed to not only shoot the police chief, but also managed to make an attempt on Don Geraci as well, one of the most notorious crime lords within New York. Capturing the attention of both Spiderman (Ben Reilly) and Punisher (who was currently joined with the Geraci crime family) both men managed to track Marlow back to his boss as both men ended up battling Tombstone once more. With Punisher going after Marlow and Spiderman nearly defeating Tombstone, Marlow managed to cause an explosion in order for him and his boss to make an escape.

Angered for Marlow’s inconsiderate and careless actions, Tombstone held his son hostage to ensure that Marlow doesn’t screw up Tombstone next plan, which was to kill the Mayor. With Spiderman forced into an uneasy alliance with Punisher, the web slinger managed to track down Tombstone and make his attempt on saving Marlow’s family. Engaging in a brutal fight against Tombstone, the web slinger was proving victorious after shooting a stinger at Tombstone’s throat. As the fight was about to come to an end, Punisher entered the scene with a Rocket Launcher that intended for Tombstone. However Punisher halted his attack when Tombstone took Marlow’s son hostage. This forced Steve to take action against the Punisher by attacking him from behind in order to both help his boss and save his son. Tombstone shot Steve for his annoyance and failures, before being hit by a rocket after the Punisher recovered. With Marlow’s family safe and Tombstone mysteriously disappearing from the scene, he began rebuilding his criminal organization elsewhere and strictly keeping a low profile after his recent actions.

Tombstone would encounter Punisher once again after attending a meeting with the Geraci family, but this time would ironically join forces with the vigilante when another crime lord known as Rosalie Carbone would attack the Geraci’s. After the incident, Tombstone next allied with Jigsaw on his attempt against the Geraci’s in order to knockout the competition within the criminal underground. This time Jigsaw leveled the Geraci estate and was convinced that the Punisher died along with the destruction of Geraci’s family home. After seeing this, Tombstone went his own way and continued on pursuing his rise with his own criminal organization.


Tombstone later crossed paths with Spiderman and Gambit as both heroes foiled Tombstone’s attempt to traffic a Haitian voodoo dust as a narcotic. Ironically, Tombstone found himself hired by Hammerhead to lead a direct assault against his competitor known as Don Vincente Fortunato. Even though Tombstone and his army of henchmen invaded Fortunato’s home and also encountered Spiderman on the scene. Fotunato managed to trap everybody by stunning them with his electric floor. Planning to make an example out of both Spiderman and Tombstone by publicly executing them both, Daredevil managed to foil Fortunato’s attempt and rescue both Spiderman and Tombstone. As the ungrateful Tombstone managed to escape from the scene, he would later find himself against Daredevil and his short-lived team known as the Marvel Knights after being hired into joining a team known as the New Jersey Alliance. With Tombstone leading the team into attacking the Marvel Knights, Tombstone and his allies managed to get the better of the Marvel Knights until each member of the New Jersey Alliance would be sucked into the Darkforce by Cloak and Dagger. Somehow Tombstone managed to escape the Darkforce and continued on rebuilding his reputation once again from start, which was robbing banks.

Heart Breaker

During a bank robbery, Tombstone’s luck would strike against him when he suffered a fatal heart attack that also led to his capture by the authorities. Sentenced and detained within the ultra-security prison known as the Cage, the force field surrounding the island managed to deduce Tombstone’s powers to normal levels. Even though Tombstone wasn’t a stranger behind prison walls, his luck would turn much worse when the massive Brian Hibbs, also known as the Kangaroo, confronted him. Threatening and provoking Tombstone with detailed assaults, Tombstone responded by kicking Hibbs in the groin before suffering from another heart attack, which gave Hibbs the chance to violently pulverize Tombstone while the guards proudly watched the scene. Knowing that he was outmatched and the odds were against him because of Hibb’s, Tombstone next formed an alliance with Spot, Hypno-Hustler, Big Ben Donovan, and Rocket Racer to take down Hibbs once and for all.

As Tombstone and his gang managed to attack Hibb’s and was set him up for the kill with a pair of scissors, the guards halted Tombstone and threw him in solitary confinement for his murder attempt on Hibb’s. During confinement, Tombstone’s gang would be brutally beaten and hospitalized by Hibb’s (besides Spot), which left Tombstone hopeless once again. With the time he had to think of his next plan during confinement till his next surgery, Tombstone had one of the guards who was secretly working for him inform Hibb’s of his location during the surgery. Setting a successful trap for Hibb’s that caused him to be physically stuck in the air vent and badly injured in an accident, Tombstone used the paroled Spot to secretly transport himself and Tombstone out of the prison. Free and fully regaining his health, Tombstone personally thanked Spot by snapping his neck and continued on seeking his criminal employment elsewhere.

A Crime in Paris

As a free man once more, Tombstone quickly found employment with Norman Osborn as he joined Osborn’s team of Spiderman related super villains known as the Sinister Twelve. Even though this was the first time that Tombstone participated among a full-fledged super villain group, the team still didn’t fare any better against Spiderman when several other heroes came to his aid. Avoiding custody once again, Tombstone relocated to Europe where Lily Lucca alongside a new Matador hired him. Secretly working for Vanessa Fisk, Lily would instruct both Tombstone and Matador to stage a kidnapping scene to purposely gain Daredevil’s attention. Even though Daredevil did manage to fend off against Tombstone and Matador, Daredevil would later suspect that he was set up in a trap. This would also force both Tombstone and Matador to track down Daredevil once more as both villains fought the hero once again. Annoyed by Matador, Tombstone would attack the new villain and swipe him off to the side as he attempts to take on Daredevil himself. Daredevil would eventually defeat Tombstone by knocking him out with sledgehammer. With Daredevil tracking down the true employer, Tombstone awoke and later returned to America with nothing left in his name, forcing him to join the ranks of the Hood’s Army as a way to rebuild his criminal organization.


Lonnie Lincoln currently has held a personality that strictly follows his intimidating and grim appearance. As a victim of child-hood bullying because of his albino looks, Lonnie has developed an obsession to survive and become more fearful than those who tormented him as a child. Taking an advantage of his size, looks, and appearance, Lonnie has constantly built his body to its highest physique. Lonnie went so far to look intimidating, he managed to alter his appearance by filing his teeth to points and damaging his vocal cords to where he can only speak in whispers. Even though Lonnie looked inhuman prior to his exposure to Diox-3, after his exposure he took so much pride with his changes that even dropped his long and obsessed vendetta against Joe Robertson who was accidentally responsible for his gained powers.

Lonnie is cold-hearted and has little or no feelings for anybody else. The only thing he takes pride in is seeing fear and death within his own hands. Lonnie has also displayed acts of impulsiveness and careless actions when he’s challenged or threatened.

Powers & Skills

Prior to his exposure to Diox-3, Lonnie Lincoln was a skilled and a relentless fighter who wasn’t afraid of seriously injuring or murdering anybody who stood in his way. When pursuing a criminal career, Lonnie trained his body effortlessly to his highest peak and trained himself in street fighting skills by participating in alley fights and brawls. Even though he made himself look inhuman because of his albino appearance, Lonnie Lincoln was still a normal human being. With his gained skills and physical well-being, Lonnie was even capable of taking on Spiderman one-on-one who almost defeated the hero.

After his exposure with Diox-3, the chemical substance merged into Tombstones epidermis and altered his physiology into a hardened state that lacked oxygen and left in a frozen-like state. Yet the chemical reaction didn’t kill Lonnie, but turned his skin into a rock-like state that made him invulnerable to many penetrating weapons, bullets, and projectiles. He is capable of lifting a maximum of 6 tons and has had a wealthy amount of impressive durability feats. He shrugged off an electric attack at the hands of Daredevil, laughed as a rocket hit him and collapsed a building around him, and it took Spider-Man using all of his might and surrounding his hand in webbing to knock out Tombstone. Spider-Man notes that he regularly damages his hands trying to strike Tombstone and Daredevil remarked he nearly broke his fingers when attempting a nerve strike.

While he isn't sporting superhuman speed, both Spider-Man and Daredevil have remarked that Tombstone is fast for his size and appearance.

Tombstones epidermis also protects him from extreme temperatures that range from –80 degrees to 1200 degrees, and his body is insulated against electricity.

After his exposure, Lonnie still continued on training his highest physical peak and fighting skills. Later on Lonnie has managed to take on a massive appearance and also adapted an interest with strangulation and breaking necks during combat.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6"7"

Weight: 215 lbs

Hair: Pink

Eyes: White

Unique Features: Prior his exposure to Diox-3, Tombstone lacked pigmintation in his skin, hair, and eye's that caused him to be albino. Unlike most pigmintation cases, Tombstone also had an abnormality with his facial features that gave him a piggish like nose. Tombstone also has sharpend teeth due to them being filed to their sharpest point by Tombstone himself. After his exposure to Dioux-3, Tombstone's skin appeared to be rock like and also temporarly shriveled his facial features which gave him a more deadish appearance.

Other Media

Tombstone appeared in the 1990s Spider-Man: The Animated Series voiced by Dorian Harewood. Lonnie Lincoln in this show was portrayed as a childhood friend of Robbie Robertson but unlike Robbie he was a criminal. He eventually robbed a chemical place trying to frame Robbie for it when he lured him there but he fell into chemicals giving him albino skin and powers. As Tombstone he recruited Robbie's son Randy but was eventually stopped by Spider-Man.

His origin here is unlike the comics where he was born with it instead making his origin more like The Joker's Red Hood origin.

Tombstone currently makes appearances in "The Spectacular Spider man" cartoon series, voiced by Kevin Micheal Richardson. Throughout the series he is known as "The Big Man" to his henchmen and associates, including his right-hand man Hammerhead. Tombstone's strategy is to use Oscorp to create super villains to fight Spider-Man in order to keep him distracted or busy while the activities of his cohorts goes uninterrupted. Its revealed in the episode "The Invisible Hand" that the "Big Man" is apparently L. Thompson Lincoln, a.k.a. Tombstone. He made an offer to Spider-Man that he'll stop using Oscorp to create metahuman's as long as Spider-Man keeps his nose out of his affairs he even pays Spider-Man in advance. Obviously Spider-Man refuses and will keep fighting him inspite of the super villain onslaught coming his way sooner or later.

Unlike his comic-book counterpart who's just a hired muscle, this Tombstone is a cunning and intelligent criminal mastermind.

In many ways, Tombstone is used as a surrogate Kingpin. Due to Wilson Fisk's heavy involvement in the Daredevil series, the rights to the Kingpin character were stripped from the Spider-Man franchise.

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